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Wednesday 4/27/2011


I had a woman once reply to one of my few Craigslist ads that I have posted in the personals section looking for a relationship saying that my ad was "too long" and had "too much information" in it.

I asked her why, though not in the least bit disuaded from doing things the way I do them regardless of what anyone thinks. "It's a turn off". As if she were speaking for every lady that lives on the face of planet. Lol. I wrote her back and said maybe it's a turn off for YOU, but considering the response, I'd say you aren't exactly speaking for EVERYONE.

I had another one that was - quite dominant to say the least - getting into it through an email discourse that ended up with: gee, I'm not changing, better go find someone that is already in the pansied state that you are searching for.

My "latest" ad = which was weeks ago now - only netted in a few replies. It only takes the right one. You see, if you want to have a re…