Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday 4/27/2011


I had a woman once reply to one of my few Craigslist ads that I have posted in the personals section looking for a relationship saying that my ad was "too long" and had "too much information" in it.

I asked her why, though not in the least bit disuaded from doing things the way I do them regardless of what anyone thinks. "It's a turn off". As if she were speaking for every lady that lives on the face of planet. Lol. I wrote her back and said maybe it's a turn off for YOU, but considering the response, I'd say you aren't exactly speaking for EVERYONE.

I had another one that was - quite dominant to say the least - getting into it through an email discourse that ended up with: gee, I'm not changing, better go find someone that is already in the pansied state that you are searching for.

My "latest" ad = which was weeks ago now - only netted in a few replies. It only takes the right one. You see, if you want to have a relationship and in thinking about that in starting up with a complete and total strange, I rather believe more information - at least relevant info - is better than a 2 liner: I'm a guy, I like to go the movies, now will you marry me?

Even the lady that I am allegedly going to meet tomorrow evening (I only say allegedly cause' it ain't a done deal until it actually happens, and with Craigslist, that is definitely not even close to being guaranteed) said she was only haphazardly looking through the ads from the dudes cause' - most of the ads were quite pathetic.

I've heard that many times over to the point that I started reading some of their ads, too, to see if ther really was any entertainment value to it, and jumping jehoolas - hilarious. Some of the stuff guys write trying to "lure" a woman is worse than pathetic, it's Neanderthal. I mean, we're talking DESPERATE people. Although I would like to find a relationship sooner or later, I am in no way, shape or form anywhere even near the ship called Desperation. That is not a club or a cruise line that I have joined or have even signed up for and don't intend to get there.

I do not, ever, want to repeat history is the reason why.

Changing the subject - totally - Taco Bell now has it's panties in a bunch. Who CARES if it's beef or not? As long as the ingredients of their tacos and such aren't HARMFUL, I know I couldn't care less. I occasionally go in there and get 3 or 4 crunch Fresca tacos - that's their reduced fat/calorie menu. 4 of them equals 600 calories. Somehow, I doubt Taco Bell lost much business to these clowns that tried to sue them because of making alleged false claims.

2 teens kill a woman and then burglarize her home. Couldn't they have just stolen whatever and let the woman live? That was their only motive: stealing. They got caught shortly after and now? I am guessing prosecution is going to go after the death penalty. Why not? It isn't a deterrent to others to not do the same thing, if it were, this stuff would have stopped happening long ago. No, it's just justice meted out. Of course, I'm rather for putting them in a small cell, solitary confinement and letting them sit there and rot for the rest of their lives, a punishment I think that is far worse than a death sentence.

I just don't get all the senseless killing.

Well whatever. Work day approaches - though there is absolutely NOTHING to do in our truck routing system. This is going to be a very bad month, numbers wise, for our store if something drastic in terms of orders coming doesn't change in the next 2 days.

Oh well. Nothing I can do about it.



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