Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday 4/30/2011

So, the cockroach infestation has grown worse. A while back, I bombed the entire house - with a LOT of bombs everywhere. The house was fumigated very well. It did the trick - for a bit, but, it did not eradicate them. So anyway, when one of the tenants came to me a few days ago and said: hey, Ben, I said 50 of them in the utility room, I took the spray and zapped as many of them as I could! - that was a sign to to get REALLY serious about this situation.

Not that there were 50 roaches, that was QUITE the exaggeration. But, time to give out a notice to everyone and time to pull out the poison guns and definitely time to do extreme cleaning.

Quite a lot of time has elapsed since I started this entry. I sometimes to that, especially on weekends. The neighbors would not deal with their barking dog today, it sat there at the fence barking at me and my dogs for some time. I turned on heavy metal music, aimed directly at their windows and it's been on for - several hours now. I have been out there several times including taking a nap next to one of my ponds - the sound of water falling is quite soothing - the dog was barking and I just let the music rip. Since they refuse to give me the peace I expect to have in my own back yard, I expect that they will be listening to some pretty dreadful music - all night long, actually.

That's the point too: peace. You don't own property to have someone else's issues messing with you. You have the right to peaceable use of your own property.

Lol. More time passed. More blaming of George Bush, now he's the culprit, apparently, or at least part of it according to some dude that made a film with the following coming off the news blips: The film suggests that if there are problems in American education, they are largely due to standardized tests, overambitious parents, insufficient funding, and George W. Bush.

ROFL. This tickles me to tears. I just love the never-ending finger-pointing at George Bush. HE must be the cause of all of our societal woes. I do hope Mr. Bush takes the same humor in such, because frankly? A load of crap. IMO, of course.

Our society is truly messed up.

Friday 4/29/2011


Well, the date was interesting. The doggy park we were going to meet at was - closed until May 25th! Lol. We went to another one - the one where Dobermans are brought and like to bit Prince, the black Great Dane, who in turn will bite them back.

No Dobermans last night, at least not purebreds, there was one mixed breed that was definitely part Dobey and yes, that dog started trouble with Prince. Just before Prince was going to do something, I got him away from that scene. What IS it with Dobermans and Prince? No clue there.

Well, we talked quite a lot with several interruptions of course, being at a doggy park and dealing with doggies. Unfortunately, other ladies were stopping me asking about the dog and I didn't want to be rude, so I engaged them in conversation but then, trying to get out of that to get back to the lady I came to meet up with? Well, anyway, it went well, I thought so and we are going to meet again sometime very soon.

Okay, Trump in the news again. I'm guessing this is going to be regular feed in the news blips. This guy is seriously talking running for president! I'd pick him over Obama any day, but I don't know that I would pick him over a serious republican contender.

Crazy stuff going on it this world. My neighbor across the street with the brain tumors is apparently on her last leg and her daughter was over there last night moving her stuff out. She wants $16,000 for that old trailer. I can say the property is worth that much, the trailer? Needs to be razed. What I'm afraid of is what sort of people that kind of price tag usually attracts, if history repeats itself and how would I feel about such living directly across the street from me? I already have enough "neighbor" issues in that neighborhood. I can only pray that whoever ends up getting it is going to have some semblance of being a normal human being (or more likely: family).

Jimmy Carter can blast the U.S. and SK for withholding food distribution to North Korea all he wants, but I have a question, cause I have a bit of experience in this field: HOW do we know WHO is ending up with the food? They going to let humanitarian workers into the country over there to hand-distribute the stuff? Cause' if they aren't, my guess the food goes to the million man army first before any of it is ever seen by the real, actual starving people over there.

THAT would be my only concern in sending more food over there - that it gets into the hands of the people that are actually being oppressed by Kim and his ilk.

I really could care less about the "Royal Wedding" - I'm just completely uninterested. I don't know what the hype is about it, I have read about it and still haven't figured out why so many people are enamored with it, but at least it's OVER.

Ummm, well whatever. The weekend is almost here. A bunch of small deliveries in our truck routing system for work today - adding up to not much. Last day of the business month, too, and our numbers? Pathetic. Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed my drive up to Globe yesterday, though the trip into the mine was rather arduous. Have to sit through an almost 20 minute video, follow another vehicle into the mine and then, to unload the truck, we all had to have a safety meeting and sign a paper that we had attended!

I'm SURE glad I don't have to do THAT everytime I make a delivery! No big plans for the weekend - never really are I suppose - but I will figure something out.



Thursday 4/28/2011


A trip to the mountains in queue today. Our branch is having a very slow month, indeed, we'll take what we can get. This time to a supply house up in Globe. This particular company usually sends their semi down to us to pick up the materials they need - their truck is down.

I've seen their truck many times - it should be put down permanently!

And then, of course, the dog park date. I've had some pretty interesting reaction to the question that is always asked: where are you going to go? This lady is totally into dogs, she has some fancy breed - one of those take one of this and one of that and see what comes out type - so why not? It costs no more than the gas to get there, if the date is a dud, we go about our lives, nothing gained but nothing lost either.

This particular person speaks more than a mile a minute - I think she goes about 10 miles a minute. I wonder, sometimes, how long a person can go on for before they realize the other individual hasn't said anything - or has tried and just couldn't quite get any words to fit in the billionth of a second between the other person's words? Lol. Doesn't really bother me, but I do like to get a few words in there once in a while.

So, finally, Obama releases the "long" version of his birth certificate. Why didn't he do this a long time ago? I guess there are STILL people that believe it's a fake. Does it really matter now? He's the President, he has been for over 2 years now, what's done is done. I don't agree with much of what he has done or is doing, but I do believe this issue should be laid to a rest. As for Trump, well, I think the idea that he would actually run for President is a bit - out there. He's more like a comedian and a circus clown than the person that you would look at and say, gee: that's presidential material right there.

I'm sure he has the money smarts, but in his case, I would definitely be suspect of hidden agendas.

Umm, my time has run out, gotta get the truck loaded and ready for a run into the hills!



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