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Tuesday 5/3/2011


Trouble at work.
My manager - for whatever reason the source of which I have no clue - has been getting increasingly curt and short with me. Yesterday there were several indications that something is not right - although WHAT - again, I don't know.

But, the culmination of yesterday's angst towards me was with this drip irrigation stuff I have been selling on Craigslist. He called me 4 times after I got home from work, a man had shown up to buy some of the stuff and clearly, my manager was not happy. I had informed him this guy was coming.

The problem was this guy didn't know what he needed and it took up a lot of my manager's time. Well, I don't know what to say, that's the nature of selling things, people need information they are definitely going to ask the people that are selling the stuff. The kicker, though, was when he called me and told me that this guy had told him that we had "everything he needed" to expand his existent system and t…

Monday 5/2/2011


By now, the entire world knows that Osama bin Laden is dead. Bullet to the brain, is what it sounds like they did. Good riddance. The guy holed up in some fortified compound in Pakistan, certainly raises my eyebrows about Pakistan's real intent.

They buried his dead carcass at sea, which I think a shame. I think it would have been nice for Americans to be able to go take a piss on his head. Lay his body to rest in a freaking concrete sewage vault and let several toilets worth of piss and crap fill it up.

I have no sympathy for him or his ilk. I can only imagine what those pathetic losers are going to try to do in "revenge". I hope nothing, but history might say something else.

So, the news will be filled all day long with this stuff, I wish I could listen to all of it. This is the kind of thing I will sit and listen to on the radio or watch on TV for hours on end.

Hat's off to the men and women of our military that make such things happen. I'm guessing…