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Guess what agency was called over here again, today?

That's right, the Phoenix Police.

Much earlier, I was out attempting to enjoy my ponds and listen to the sounds of the waterfalls. No such enjoyment was to be had. Yes, the neighbor's dogs, barking incessantly. I sat out there for quite a while listening to this junk and got - fed up with it, again.

So, I went to my stereo. I found the most obnoxious, loud, in-your-face music I could find and turned it on, went inside the house and started doing other things. A while later, I went out there and tried again - turned the music off. Was out there a few minutes and here comes the fluffy chow. Barking and barking.

I turned the music on again and this time, I went in the house and decided to let this thing play out. I figured they would call the police - and about 2 hours later, yes, the Phoenix Police not only showed up, but someone must have left the lock off the gate, cause' they walked right through the gate and knocked on my kitchen, sliding-glass door. I didn…

Wednesday 5/4/2011


Between the time I had last talked to my manager on Monday to the time in seeing him on Tuesdsay morning, my manager apparently had calmed down at least a bit. He was angry, really, at this customer that had come in - off of one of my craiglist ads and a person I had spoken with on the phone at length - the customer had no clue what he was doing. The customer was also mad because "ben told me you have tubing". The man lied through his teeth. The discussion about what we had never included tubing and in fact, if the man would have known what he was doing at all, I would have been able to figure out that he needed more tubing and would have told him to head to Home Depot.

I'm not saying all is hunky dory in the manager/employee relation world, the meeting never materialized. But I did speak my peace about the situation regardless. He is uptight about something - I'm guessing it's his personal life that is still raising it's ugly head in the situation …