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Thursday 5/5/2011


Caught another cat last overnight. The darn trap opened up on me and let the thing out this morning when I was going to put it into my car to deliver it to it's new home.

Anyway, last night. This stuff seems to come in 2's - if one neighbor starts trouble, the other one does as well. I was just out front of my house after the deal with the dogs with noises people was over and sat there looking at the dude with the tude' and his buddy across the street giving me stares and glares.

To clarify, the big heavy man 2 houses down started trouble with me making threats against my life - though not to me but to my trailer tenants - about the cat situation. I did not say anything to anyone about catching cats except to those in my household, so I have no idea how this dude found out.

But I didn't care, either, that he found out (and yes, one of the cats I caught this morning was one of his cats).

Well, this guy hangs out with the 37 year old "kid" - the guy…