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Regarding The Billboards That Say Judgement Day Is May 21 (2011)

I was driving down the freeway today and caught a very brief glimpse of a billboard that said in huge letters: Judgement Day Is May 21

Yes, indeed. It immediately brought to mind the fiasco that took place in 1988: 88 Reasons For 88. This was a book and tapes that came out declaring that Jesus Christ was going to return during one of 3 days during Rosh Hashanna in September of that year. It actually got it's foothold in the ministry I was working with at the time.

You see, I went to one of the leaders of that ministry's doors one day - don't remember why, I needed some information or something - and the wife of the leader answered. She had a tape in her hand. She said, "You have to listen to this!" What is it? I asked. It's a tape that proves that Christ is going to return in September!!

During this period of time where this ministry started propagating this nonsense, I took a definitive stand against this teaching and the panic it was causing within …

Monday 5/9/2011


My son has stopped playing Playstation 3. I'm guessing a lot of kids/adolescents and even adults have stopped playing it considering the internet access is gone and the ability to talk to your friends through the internet while playing the game via headsets is gone with it.

I'm guessing their biggest competitor - X-Box 360 is probably getting some extra added sales because of it - X-box 360 also links to the internet and yes, you can talk to your friends via headset while playing the game.

The lack of use of the game has forwarded it to me: it plays DVD's including Blu Ray and I watched 2 movies on it yesterday provided by one of my tenants. There is some movie with Rock in it where he gets out of prison and immediately goes on a killing rampage to avenge the killing of his brother. If you like gore, death and action, great movie. If you like anything with an actual plot and a bit of thought in it, probably not so great. He kills everyone that was involved exceptin…