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ING Savings

I've been using them for a while. I'll save up what money I can - and then boom - something happens and I have to use it.

I recently closed my Compass checking account but already had a Chase checking account opened to replace it. The problem? Of course, you have to change all the information on all of your online accounts and in this case, my account with ING Savings.

Well, inputting the information was easy enough. But then, we got to the "verification" stage. You could do it instantly online or some other option that would take a while to get done. Well, I want to start saving right away, I don't want to wait. So, I opted for the instant verification.

It apparently has access to your credit file and gives you multiple choice questions about things like an auto loan, where you are or have lived, things like that. On 2 of them, none of the answers on there were correct, so I clicked none of the above. I had a bad feeling about doing that, but I carefu…

Wednesday 5/11/11


Strange thing happened yesterday. Dogs next door were barking, which isn't strange, I'll get to that part in a minute. I decided to see if the police and their statements that I should call them instead of turning on the music would actually turn up any results. I suppose, if I had wanted to be sneaky about it, I wouldn't have done so right next to the fence where they could hear me making the call.

But I didn't care about sneakiness. The officer on the phone told me I would have to call a city prosecutor's office. No, no and double no. This is NOT what your officers told me, in person, last week. Call them, they would come out and start writing tickets. That is what they said. This guy went on about the prosecutor's office. No, again, I want the police to come out here and do what they said they were going to do.

Of course, I had no thought, whatsoever, that they would actually come out and write tickets. That, along with several other things they t…

Tuesday 5/10/11


Finally. 3 consecutive business days starting on Thursday and ending yesterday that we had NO deliveries. The life blood of this business is delivering the material we sell. No deliveries equals no GP. Today's deliveries aren't a lot of money, but it's better than nothing. A bit of a sigh of relief in that department.

Instead of wasting time fearing or anticipating (depending on from where you are looking at this stuff) Christ's return, the energy is better spent praying for all of those people along the Mississippi river whose homes and land are about to be washed away. Some of the stories are heart-wrenching. Today was a guy talking about his attempt to build his own levee around his home and barns.

Ummm, anyway. Work day begins in a just a few minutes. My dad wrote me again after I left work yesterday to my work email account. He's not sure about what to do with this situation that my brothers will be there at the graduation ceremonies. They haven't…