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Friday (The Thirteenth) 5/13/2011

Apparently Blogger magically decided to come back up. I mean, did anyone else have this trouble? I didn't search the internet to find out if it was a system wide failure, no clue. This is what I hate about these sites. You can lose everything you have posted in the blink of an eye. JS - all of us former users of that site know that all too well.

I don't know if anything is lost, I guess I don't care that much anymore. If it is, it is.

Today. Driving all over the place in the semi. Down south, up in the mountains. I was already 4 and something minutes over my hours starting today, I didn't lose much in getting off a bit early. That's cause' though I got off early by an hour, I didn't take a break and now? The computer asks you if you took a break or not. No, in fact, I did not. I was working from the time I got to work til' the time I left.

Nice drive in the mountains, even if I wasn't feeling well.

That's the next thing. My neck…