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Sunday 5/15/2011

I am feeling worse than before I started taking the antibiotics. My head is aching and I am starting to get some chest congestion. I'm not even sure the strep throat and what else is going on in my body are even related. There is all kinds of junk floating around right now in terms of sickness, I suppose it's possible I have more than one going on at the same time.

Meaning I am not going to get a lot done today. I did manage to clean out 2 of the pond filters yesterday, trying to sum up the energy to clean out the 3rd.

Dunno. Anyway, one of my tenants that paid most of the rent for this month - but was short - bought me a 2 for 1, $40 pot roast. So, I have one of them in the slow cooker right now. Slices of bacon on the bottom of the cooker, topped by potatoes and carrots, roast on top of that. A bag of pearl onions and large mushrooms, sliced in half on top of that. I wanted to cut up a white onion and put that in there as well, but the cooker is full. Made a mixture…