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Monday 5/16/2011


I can safely say that I am not even close to being over this strep throat junk. Not that I called into work sick, but I felt like it.

So, I got a call Friday afternoon after I got home - and that was late because I had been to 2 different Urgent Care centers, got checked up, plus went to the pharmacy after work.

A contractor - this particular individual is the most sour-attituded man I have ever encountered in my life - called and said a part was missing.

I was being blamed for the "f...up" they were calling it. This guy called the salesman downtown, who must have gotten every form of management on earth to call my manager who in turn, called me.

On our delivery tickets - that we also pull the orders from - it shows the quantity ordered and the quantity we are actually going to ship. Often times, we don't have enough of any given product and so even though the contractor orders a X amount, we can only give what we have. The rest shows as being on backorder.