Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday 5/17/2011

I got to work this morning, started a pot of coffee brewing, sat down at the work computer and the phone rang. It was my manager. He had forgotten to call me the day before. He was coming in early to get me out on the road early. Lots of orders, lots of deliveries, lots of pickups. Got it all done and then some.

So, that's why there wasn't an "entry" in my comments line from yesterday's posting. No biggies.

"Passengers were finally towed back to Sweden by tug boats Monday."
That line was posted on an article about a cruise ship whose electricity went out, causing the engines to fail. In fact, causing everything to fail, apparently. I had visions of passengers in the water with ropes around them being pulled by tugboats. Must be some pretty BIG passengers to need an entire tugboat to tow them back to shore!

Okay, I'm not really in much of a mood to write a blog entry. Drove all day long, no breaks, got off work, went straight home. The only thing I have tended to today is the ponds. Someone cleaned the entire public areas of the house, very nice indeed. Don't have to worry about that. Dogs are fed.

I think I'll go to my bedroom and watch some TV, maybe doze off. I have one more pill left of the antibiotics, definitely taking that and considering whether to go back to the doc again tomorrow.



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