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Friday 2/20/2011


I guess I don't think we have any more business telling Israel what their borders should be as they would if they were to tell us something like, gee, shouldn't you give some of that land back to Mexico? This is a situation I do not believe we should be meddling and I do believe we should be giving full support to the Israeli's. I think Obama is pretty much a non-sequeter in the Middle East. He words are hollow because, up until bin Laden, he has done much of nothing.

As far as leadership, the man doesn't have it. He doesn't get it, either.

Whatever. Next week is going to be rather busy. But, 6 days off starting on Wednesday. Only 2 day work week. I'm going to have to figure out what to get my son for both a birthday and a graduation present. I think I'll find something that will serve for both. He leaves for the mountains on June 5th, according to him and his company has offered to let him take an extended leave of absence, meaning he will have a …

Thursday 5/19/2011


Slept like a log last night.
Which was at least a bit surprising considering how I was feeling before going to bed last night. NOT good, thank you. It came to pass that I found out that probably, from the bumps and stuff going on with my throat, I am allergic to the antibiotics that they gave me to get rid of strep throat.

So now what? I dunno. Find a doctor - not just an urgent care doctor, a regular doctor and get on board. I'm at least half considering going to the doc that several people at work go to which is on the way home from work. A nice plus.

Dunno if they are taking anyone new, but I think I will find out today.

I don't really have a lot of time left. I was reading a post on Craigslist Phoenix in general community from a person asking for help , when I realized that I KNOW this person. Her son has been burned and has serious medical problems and she lost her job. In other words, she's broke. Dunno that I can help her - maybe a few bucks - but I can bac…