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Saturday 5/21/2011

There has been more hype about this "Judgment Day" thing than anything else going on! Radio talk show hosts have been mocking that guy for days (Camp, the dude that came up with this thing), people are proclaiming party time today and tomorrow, sort of a mockery.

Regardless, I am starting to feel an inkling better. Apparently takes a while for a drug that is giving you a bad time in your system to move on out.

Now I wish the pond liner were here, I could probably find enough energy to get it all done this weekend. Instead, I have several plants that have outgrown their pots. When I say that, I mean the roots are outside the bottom of the pots and growing all over the sides of them as well. They started falling over this week with the weight of extremely large leaves basically causing it to fall over. Didn't really want to get into repotting things this weekend, but I have no choice. It's that or they die off. I really don't want to lose my Taro, so, I…