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I was reading yesterday that the IRS has some sort of glitch going on in their system in getting tax return payments back to people that have filed their returns. Some people they are saying up to 4 months. GAG. I turned mine in a week before the deadline, so I'm only 5 weeks into this. Of course, when I filed the federal return, I also filed the state return.

Today, I go to the mailbox and see a letter from the Arizona State Department of Revenue. I start trembling, what are THEY doing sending me a letter before the Feds even have gotten to me?!! Then I started thinking: they don't do anything until the Feds figure out what's going on, at least from previous experience, which is, admittedly, a long time ago.

So, the shock of seeing an almost $1,500 check inside was a precious commodity. I mean, you don't get "shocked" that way every day. I need to get some things repaired around here, while still trying to keep a few pennies left over for emergency.…

Monday 5/23/2011

Heard on the radio on the way to work today:
"Were you one of the people who believe that Judgment Day was going to be on Saturday? Don't be discouraged, it isn't the end of the world". A dumb joke, yes, but oddly humorous, guess it must be the time of day, lol.

2 day work week this week and then off - from Tuesday afternoon until Tuesday morning next week. Not a lazy 6 days off, either, at least not Wednesday through Friday. I figure the weekend and the holiday on Monday are good time to recuperate from what may turn out to be an ordeal with the family, who knows.

I still haven't figured out what to get my son for both a birthday present (tomorrow) and a graduation present (Thursday). I think he's off of school for the summer. Of course, he is going to the Salvation Army thing for almost 2 months and then his employer has not only told him he will have a job when he comes back, but that they are going to promote him to cashier's position, which ma…