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Tuesday 5/24/2011

Harold Camping is making a mockery of Christianity. His "Judgment Day" prediction obviously fell flat on it's face. NOW he's saying that it was a "spiritual" judgment day and that the earth will be obliterated in 5 months. The worst part of what he is saying, though, is that "God's judgment and salvation were completed on Saturday" - meaning whoever is going to be with the Lord in 5 month is going and whoever isn't, isn't and there isn't going to BE anyone else saved from this point forth.

Look, you and I probably don't believe this bahooey. Who is this man to declare what God is and isn't doing? Worse, to tell the world that no-one else can be saved? And where does he come up with this 200 million number? There are what, over 6 billion people on this planet and only 200 million are going to be saved? The problem is the scores of people who WILL undoubtedly believe him.

I find this man's statement reprehensible…