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Wednesday 5/25/2011

Not gonna be a long one here.
My dad showed up at the bus station this morning, contrary to my mother's ever-standing resolve to make him look and sound bad. She stated that "some family members have said they are going to show up to things like this before, but at the last minute they bow out of it and don't do anything". She was stating that my dad might not show up, even though he said he was going to.

This is the kind of talk that is directed towards my dad that I am very, very sick of hearing. I was going to say something to her about her constant negativity about my father, but I put a lid on it considering the event tomorrow with my son's graduation.

Anyway, took him to his hotel room, sat down and chatted with him for about an hour. We went to the mall - a block away - he forgot a pair of pants he was to bring and needed to buy another. A good thing, I guess, cause' I needed to buy a a pair of semi dress pants and shirt for the occasion as well…