Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday 5/25/2011

Not gonna be a long one here.
My dad showed up at the bus station this morning, contrary to my mother's ever-standing resolve to make him look and sound bad. She stated that "some family members have said they are going to show up to things like this before, but at the last minute they bow out of it and don't do anything". She was stating that my dad might not show up, even though he said he was going to.

This is the kind of talk that is directed towards my dad that I am very, very sick of hearing. I was going to say something to her about her constant negativity about my father, but I put a lid on it considering the event tomorrow with my son's graduation.

Anyway, took him to his hotel room, sat down and chatted with him for about an hour. We went to the mall - a block away - he forgot a pair of pants he was to bring and needed to buy another. A good thing, I guess, cause' I needed to buy a a pair of semi dress pants and shirt for the occasion as well.

Now? Well, I took a lazy Tuesday afternoon nap (things you can do on vacation: take naps when you normally wouldn't) and will be going to get my dad in about half an hour to go to Claim Jumper's. He loves that place and I can hardly put it down: it is a great steakhouse. That will be it for the evening with him, afterward take him back to his hotel room and then prepare for tomorrow's gala event. I hope it is, anyway.

The only monkey wrench that can be thrown into any of this is work. I was called this morning by my manager, who was pissed because the temp driver who was supposed to show up? Did not. The temp agency had talked to the guy the day before to ensure he was showing up, my manager called him this morning. The guy claimed that he had been told it was cancelled. The temp agency stated something completely opposite. In other words, full of BS. I offered to take out the load after I was done with my dad - gotta make concessions obviously - he said he would call me later if he needed me, he did not. So, I hope I don't get a call tomorrow cause' I expect to spend some time with my dad of whom I rarely ever see.

Anyway, that's the update. A bit of tension in the air, I think, as people who haven't been together in almost 30 years will be at least in close proximity to one another tomorrow. I have no idea how that's going to go, I fully expect, however, my family to behave, whoever shows up needs to keep emotion checked since this is about my son, not about any of us.

I can only hope that that will actually happen.

In the meantime?



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