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Pics from trips

A few pics. First 3 are of my son getting some awards at the end of year JROTC awards ceremonies. Not the greatest pics, unfortunately, the entire center row of seats from front to back were reserved for the cadets.

Pic below is of the silver van owned by the neighbors that like to call the police more than NFL fans call for pizza delivery. While they make up stories to try and get me into trouble, notice the van is parked the wrong direction. The police made the guy move it but didn't issue a ticket.

Some of the pics below are from my cell phone. You can tell because I had to first send the pics from my cellphone to my email, then "print screen" on the pic in email, then use paint processer to convert them into a Jpeg pic. The reason you can tell is because all of the tabs from the internet sites I was on are showing at the top of the pic. I haven't quite figured out how to crop pics yet without losing the entire pic.

So, pic below is also from the mine I…

Thursday 5/26/2011

28 dead. That's the death toll in the latest shootout between drug cartels in Mexico, bodies found littered on the highway. The State Department issued advisories before Spring Break for college kids advising them to stay away from several, specific states in Mexico. You couldn't pay me enough money to go down there right now. I wouldn't even want to go into a border town, much less the interior of that nation. I'm wondering why the Mexican government cannot get this chaos under control. I have no idea what American authorities would do if such killings were happening here, but I doubt it would last as long as it has down there.

I don't necessarily believe the recounting of the story, either. Police arriving long after the showdown is done and over with. I have heard of and personally encountered enough corrupt Mexican police "officers" to know that there is at least the possibility that they intentionally do not get involved with any of this jun…