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Just got back from taking my dad to the bus stop. I stood in line with him while waiting for them to open the door and allow the boarding process to begin. It was a good 3 days with him. He spent part of the morning and all afternoon over here and we visited most of the time.

It was good to be with him again. It was also good to see that his health is doing much better than I had anticipated. Another comfort is that soon, he will be living in Tucson - it's not a long drive down there. I am 2 miles from I-10 which is a straight shot down to Tucson. I can drive there in about an hour and a half. Sierra Vista is much further away. I think a day trip here and there will be in order - whenever they are up to it of course, which won't be anytime soon. They are still getting their house ready to sell in Sierra Vista - but they already have most of their stuff at the assisted living center in Tucson.

Anyway, another chapter in life is over, the page is turning and who kn…


Just short of halfway through my 6 days off. However, the first 2 days did not really feel like vacation with everything that has been going on.

The graduation yesterday was excellent in every sense of the thought. It did NOT go on for 3 hours, which was a blessing in itself. More like about 70 minutes. There were various student speakers, some of which had some rather corny things to say, but the final student speaker spoke something the silenced the crowd. He got up there and started talking about the future, what it means to him and the fact that he has learned to see each day as a priceless commodity. You might think that odd for an 18 year old until he got to the part about having cancer and doing chemotherapy treatments.

I felt heart-sick for that kid. Graduating High School, just getting into the mode of thinking of starting a life for yourself and then bammm, hit with something like that.

My dad is doing much better than what I thought, to be honest. Yes, he has ar…