Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday 5/28/2011

Day 4 of 6 days off.
Although it was a good time, I am glad to have the graduation stuff behind me. A bit draining when you have to chauffeur company around for 3 days - just me I guess.
I'm trying to get the motivation up to get that horse trough pond going today, or at least get a good start on it.
I have to do some metal patch work on the interior of the trough before I do anything. Cover up some holes with small sheets of aluminum I bought at the store and then put duct tape around the edges of the aluminum so there aren't any sharp surfaces to puncture the liner with.

Then, line the walls and floor of the trough with some plastic I got from work that was going to be thrown away. I figure a good double layer. I just don't want anything puncturing that liner and causing it to leak. Finally, of course, put the liner in. Move it close to the pond I am replacing and pump the water from that pond into the trough - while catching the fish and moving them into the trough as well along with all the plants I have in it.

Empty out the pond I am replacing, move it out of the way. Okay, pump the horse trough water back into the now moved pond and all the fish and plants yet again. Move the trough to where the old pond was. Yes, then pump the water back out of the old pond into the horse trough plus move the fish and plants again. The fish undoubtedly won't like it, but I have a bottle of fish stress relief to help them with the move.

I am also thinking of just catching the fish and putting them into a 40 gallon plastic container I have so they won't have to be moved around quite so much. I would just pump the pond water in the old pond out into trees and plants and just put fresh water in the horse trough, saving a lot of moving, but the water in the pond is conditioned - it's better for the fish than an entire new fill of fresh water. That's the only reason, otherwise I wouldn't care as the old pond only holds 160 gallons of water and I could simply water plants and trees with it.

I don't know yet, I'll make those decisions when I get there.

I am assuming there will be some good war movies on this weekend, I intend on watching some.

As for the house - the problem in the main bathroom persists. In fact, has grown worse. The trailer tenants informed me that they are sick of cleaning up after everyone in there. I didnt know they WERE cleaning up after everyone, which really makes me mad. I don't LIKE slobs living in my house. I thought about it - what action to take, but, my thoughts were interrupted: we will deal with this. Ohhhh? Yes, Lynnette states: I have already confronted one of them that isn't doing anything and I am going to post a schedule in there.

Very doubtful that it's going to do any good. Summer is upon us. High electric bills. A bit of a hard time to be kicking people out - but - I will do it if it comes down to that. I have almost $300 on the electricity card reader. I am at least somewhat set for June - which is forecast to turn hot starting the very first day and getting much hotter after that. What joy.

I figure close to $500 for electricity in June, the same in July and a bit less in August.

Anyway, they will try their method, if it works, great, if it doesn't, then I will have to have individual conversations with everyone and put them on the spot: clean the freaking bathroom or get out of my house. It's not like I haven't already sent out notices about this same issue a couple of times now. Let them move where there are a bunch of slobs - their bathroom can be covered in human piss and the toilet filled with both blood stains (you know where those come from) and crap particles. Get some mold and junk growing in the shower/tub. Unbelievable.

Oh well. I wash my hands of it - temporarily - since they want to try to deal with it and are putting me out of the picture. They have my full backing, of course, I hope they are successful.

As for this entry? Getting long.



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