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Saturday 5/28/2011

Day 4 of 6 days off.
Although it was a good time, I am glad to have the graduation stuff behind me. A bit draining when you have to chauffeur company around for 3 days - just me I guess.
I'm trying to get the motivation up to get that horse trough pond going today, or at least get a good start on it.
I have to do some metal patch work on the interior of the trough before I do anything. Cover up some holes with small sheets of aluminum I bought at the store and then put duct tape around the edges of the aluminum so there aren't any sharp surfaces to puncture the liner with.

Then, line the walls and floor of the trough with some plastic I got from work that was going to be thrown away. I figure a good double layer. I just don't want anything puncturing that liner and causing it to leak. Finally, of course, put the liner in. Move it close to the pond I am replacing and pump the water from that pond into the trough - while catching the fish and moving them into the tr…