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Monday 5/30/2011

Final day of 6 days off vacation. Also final less than 2 hours. I have been busy today with the new pond setup.
Okay, okay, okay: the real truth. Syfy channel showed every Star Trek movie that exists, I think, over this Memorial Day weekend. Instead of getting caught up in war movies, I have been totally engrossed in these Star Trek movies, some of which are my all time favorites. I recorded almost all of them.
Well, let me say that I was working on the horse trough yesterday and today, getting it ready to put the liner in. This morning, after the finishing touches, I pulled out the liner and put it in there, unfolded it and left. I wanted it to get warmed up by the sun and help it to be more flexible and get situation into it's final resting spot.

Came back in and yes, watched more of Star Trek.
Around noon, I remembered my 2 slabs of ribs, bought on sale from Fry's, needed to be put on the grill. I seasoned them and put them on there on low heat - about 220 degrees…