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Tax Check?

I am not often shocked.
But today, opening the mailbox after getting home MUCH later than I normally do from work, I saw it.
It was a road made out of gold. It had shiny..............well I'm exaggerating a bit there. Lol. It was obviously a check from the IRS and it had my name on it.

I just looked at it. I wondered how much was there? It couldn't possibly be the amount that I came up with through the online software I used. Could it?

I wondered how they had sent me anything without disputing it. We're not talking $200 here, we're talking 5 grand. I had sent in all the necessary paperwork, yes, including proof of the fire from the fire department and the only thing I could find that would show any value for the house coming from the tax assessor's office. I hated that, they always undervalue - great for taxes - not so great in this case. Oh well, something is better than nothing.

I just walked into the backyard, greeted my waiting doggies and then deci…

Monday's Tuesday 5/31/2011


Back at work.
Alarm was set at it's usual time to go off this morning, it did not. I looked at the thing, half an hour late getting up and still couldn't figure out why the blooming thing hadn't gone off. Fortunately, I get up early enough that even losing half an hour is still enough time to jump in the shower, get dressed, etc etc, get to work and even write a short entry.

Could I have taken another week off and not missed work? Darn straight about that. It's not even open hours here and the uniform guy is already showing up - a thing that annoys me greatly. They KNOW our open hours, why can't they show up THEN? I like the peace an quiet in here which I will not have. Oh well.

I still have my hands full with stuff to do today in finishing up the pond scenario. The filter for one thing needs to be installed. One day of no filtering with water that is fresh out of the tap isn't going to hurt it. The fishies seem to love their new digs.

Still trying to …