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Wednesday 6/1/2011


Well the work week certainly cruises right by when you start it on a Tuesday. Not to mention working until 4:30 pm yesterday.

I'm kinda excited about this weekend coming up, taking my son up to the mountains for his 2 month deal going on up there. But, get the work week done.

Had a "kid" contact me yesterday - I have had ads in the past with free food - he wrote me and told me he hasn't eaten in 3 days. There is one thing I will never turn down to anyone if I have any to give away, and that's food.
So I will be dealing with situation directly after work today. However, work looks like it's going to be busy. I was supposed to go back up to the mine today, but they mining operation sent their truck here. Seems that somebody goofed and we were supposed to send the material up to them yesterday, not today.

Fortunately, not my goof and had nothing to do with it.

I feel like I have won a mini lottery with this 5k check sitting in my wallet. The only th…