Friday, June 3, 2011

Lookit' What The Cat Dragged In

Caleb brings home an old friend - one we both know from years past. Like at least 6 years now.
His name is Kyle. He has been in and out of trouble. Last I had heard of him, he had disappeared. He became hooked on heroin and that's - about as bad as it gets. He had turned himself into the authorities, who put them on their style of detox: lock him in a room. No drug to help detox and get over it, either, too bad, so sad.

I get the tough approach and tough love and all of that, but a person that is hooked on heroin? The drug helps the person not throw up and have convulsions, basically.

Well, he came over with Caleb to talk to me. Yup, I know this kid pretty well. We used to talk, a lot. I asked him some pointed questions, to be frank and honest about it. He impregnated a girl and yes, she is going to have the baby. Bad? I don't think so. I think it's bad to kill a kid because the parents are messed up. Let the kid live, if the parents can't deal with it, plenty of folks are lined up to adopt babies. I am pro-life, definitely. That was an interesting conversation to say the least.

Caleb doesn't want to leave Saturday, I figured he wouldn't. Sunday will be a long day of driving. Not quite so bad while up in the mountains, and in my newer car and now the AC works in it, but still, the map says 140 miles, I don't believe it. It's 123 miles to my mother's property, which is well before you get to Heber. Same roads, shorter distance.

So, one thing I am going to spend money on with this IRS money (my money) is to get the windows on the west side of the house windows covered with solar screen. It dramatically cuts down on the amount of heat that the sun is generating coming into your house - thus - lower electric bills. Especially the kitchen sliding glass door. This is money-spent, money-saved deals. Pay for itself in a short period of time.

The non-paying tenant finally paid up - all of it - for last month Yayyyy! Which leaves this month.......

I just told the family of people that they can leave whenever they want, don't stay if you don't want to. I thought about it today: it gets to the point where there is no upside to having people living with you that don't want to be there. Numerous complaints about them have suddenly surfaced. Amazing. I ask frequently: are there any problems? Is there something going on that needs to be dealt with? Talk about opening a can of worms - but in this case, the can was opened by someone else, I am left to deal with the aftermath of a situation that I have absolutely NOTHING to do with.

AC in the semi is out. It has been for over a week now. It hit 100 today, I think. I was in that truck and it was not pleasant, and that's only at 100, what will it be like at 105? 110? Oh, yes, I know, I have done that before. It's MISERABLE. We have permission from upper management to get it fixed, problem is, we have to use it, lol. Umm, so, if it doesn't get in the shop by the end of next week, I am going to propose we get a rental truck, thank you very much. Should only need one for one day.

I am NOT going to drive around all summer long in hell heat without AC, period.

OH, last thing. Michael and Anthony. Caleb said they were just now at the black kids house down the street. I simply told Caleb to not say anything to them. I don't want them coming over here destroying things while I am either sleeping or not here, just let it go. However, it does tell me something that Michael was over there: they aren't doing so well. Michael never leaves home, hardly for anything, from home. He plays his games and that's it. If he leaves, it's because there are bad times. I figured by now that would be the case, in fact, I figured long ago that would be the case.

At this point, however, I have zero sympathy for them. That's all I am going to say about my feelings about this stuff that went on for almost 6 years. Long-time readers undoubtedly know why I am saying this at this point in my life, washed my hands of it 10 months ago and haven't looked back. I have reminisced - there were some good times - but - the last year or so of them being around? No thanks.

That's it. Tomorrow, since I am not leaving for the mountains, I am going to finish some of the pond issues. I have no other plans and don't really intend on doing much besides that. Well, I am contacting some people about solar sunscreens and getting that done soon. Pay bills online, clean house, normal stuff.


Friday 6/3/2011


Came home from work yesterday afternoon to find 2 cop cars parked in front of my house. Good grief, WHAT now? I'm not even THERE and the cops are being called? It was the tail end of the call, the cops were leaving.

One tenant allegedly threatened another with a box knife over cleaning the bathroom, or so the cops told me. I'm sure they believed that as much as I don't believe it.

So, Rey comes out and starts telling me this story about Mark going after him with a box knife. I didn't believe him and I told him flat to his face: I seriously doubt Mark would do anything like that, at all. The man is pretty much harmless.

Rey changes his story. It was over the bathroom and he started yelling at me in front of my girlfriend's daughter - yada yada yada. I still wasn't buying that the cops were called over the bathroom and whether a person is cleaning it or not.

I brushed him off, I was in an instant bad mood and didn't feel like hearing more bull**** from the man. Much later on, Lynnette comes in and asks me to go meet Mark "by the ponds". Alright, let's here his side of the story.

I can't even print here what he told me what the real reason was. So I won't. It had nothing to do with the bathroom, it something to do with money and money owed is as far as I am going with it on a public venue. Okay, it ended with the bathroom because the 2 were pissing on each other, from what I can tell and it ALL came out, apparently. Mark cleans the bathroom, Rey doesn't clean anything. He SAYS he does, but he really doesn't.
June 3, 2011 5:57 AM
Anonymous said...
So, the end of the story? Rey, his girlfriend and his girlfriend's daughter who has been staying with them for the week (school's out, a 10 year old) are leaving. No sweat off of my back. Sort of a bad time of year to be trying to find tenants, but, fortunately, I have that IRS check sitting in my bank now. Plus I get paid today plus the money that was already in there.

Speaking of the IRS, they now want 2009 taxes. No problem, another 3 to 5 grand coming from them isn't going to bother me at all. But I thought I had turned that in? It wasn't an audit notice, whatever, no biggies, I have "all" of that information on hand - a W-2 and mortgage interest payment. But I'll have to re do 2008 to get the house fire loss to carry over through 2008 on to 2009. I dunno what kind of time limit I have, I'll call them and find out when they think it is due.

Umm, the weekend is almost here. I still haven't hashed out whether I am taking Caleb up to the White Mountains tomorrow and spend the night in a hotel or just drive all day Sunday - up and back. I would rather not drive all day Sunday, really, but I am guessing Caleb is going to want to spend his final night with his friends on Saturday night before leaving town for 2 months.

When he comes back, some of his friends who graduated will already be out of town. One of his best friends will be in boot camp somewhere, I think a couple more off to college.

Anyway, work day almost here. The workload has doubled since I left yesterday. There are 2 deliveries that I already knew about, but now there are 2 more that I didn't know about. And those 2 deliveries mean picking up stuff on the west side of Phoenix and then driving clear out to the far east valley.

Oh, yes, back to the incident with the tenants. I have been there and done that with fighting tenants in the past. The guy calling the cops was just stupid. I found out from Lynnette yesterday he was going to give me a 30 day notice - he told her this earlier this week. I assume calling the cops was his way of trying to snake out of rent. He can go piss off. I got really cranky with that guy yesterday after he lied to me. Gag. Well, I am not going to let that ruin my trip up to the mountains, I haven't been in a few years. I just hope while I'm gone that peace can be had, cause' I don't want to get an ugly phone call about the cops being there again while driving on a 2 lane road in the forest up on the Rim.

I think I'll quit there, the potential story only gets worse..........



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