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Lookit' What The Cat Dragged In

Caleb brings home an old friend - one we both know from years past. Like at least 6 years now.
His name is Kyle. He has been in and out of trouble. Last I had heard of him, he had disappeared. He became hooked on heroin and that's - about as bad as it gets. He had turned himself into the authorities, who put them on their style of detox: lock him in a room. No drug to help detox and get over it, either, too bad, so sad.

I get the tough approach and tough love and all of that, but a person that is hooked on heroin? The drug helps the person not throw up and have convulsions, basically.

Well, he came over with Caleb to talk to me. Yup, I know this kid pretty well. We used to talk, a lot. I asked him some pointed questions, to be frank and honest about it. He impregnated a girl and yes, she is going to have the baby. Bad? I don't think so. I think it's bad to kill a kid because the parents are messed up. Let the kid live, if the parents can't deal with …

Friday 6/3/2011


Came home from work yesterday afternoon to find 2 cop cars parked in front of my house. Good grief, WHAT now? I'm not even THERE and the cops are being called? It was the tail end of the call, the cops were leaving.

One tenant allegedly threatened another with a box knife over cleaning the bathroom, or so the cops told me. I'm sure they believed that as much as I don't believe it.

So, Rey comes out and starts telling me this story about Mark going after him with a box knife. I didn't believe him and I told him flat to his face: I seriously doubt Mark would do anything like that, at all. The man is pretty much harmless.

Rey changes his story. It was over the bathroom and he started yelling at me in front of my girlfriend's daughter - yada yada yada. I still wasn't buying that the cops were called over the bathroom and whether a person is cleaning it or not.

I brushed him off, I was in an instant bad mood and didn't feel like hearing more bull**** f…