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The Trip

Ummm, it was a good day and a an odd day at the same time.
The new tire I put on the car took care of the vibration problem - a good thing considering a 300 mile round trip.
Caleb and I talked most of the way up there. I knew I wasn't going to see him again for 2 months unless I make a trip up there and I don't even know if he wants that kind of intrusion. It was a nice drive and I was glad I was able to do it instead of someone else doing it for him.

Such as my mother, who wanted to take him up there. No, mom, I'm doing to do it, I WANT to do it, but thanks for the offer. It isn't any kind of inconvenience for me, at all. I hadn't been up that road in quite a while, I had forgotten all the construction that was going on a few years ago - and still is. They are turning a long stretch of 2 lane highway into 4 lanes, divided. I don't really like it, to be honest. My memories are of a small, narrow, 2 lane highway surrounded by the woods. Now it's 4 hu…

Sunday 6/5/2011

Just a quick note here.
Taking off to Heber/White Mountains in just a few minutes.
Arizona is on fire again, but Heber looks to be at least 70 miles from the flames.
I hope it stays that way.
Just looked it up, much further than that, the fire is threatening the town of Alpine - been through there many times in the past - it's 111 miles from Heber.
Heber already was partially subjected to the largest wild fire in AZ history early last decade when a firefighter that "needed work" intentionally started a blaze at one place and a woman who was lost intentionally started a blaze at another. Eventually, the two came together and burned over 500,000 acres of forest.
I don't think they pressed charges against the woman, though they certainly gave her a hard time about it, the ex-firefighter is in prison.
So, I haven't been up there since that fire and it will be interesting to see how Mother Nature has worked to bring it back. My mother's property was subject…