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Trouble In The Mountains

The fire - called the Wallow fire - in the northeastern section of Arizona is growing and they are still saying it is zero percent contained.

My curiosity was piqued when Lynnette comes in and tells me heard "something" about Heber and Showlow being evacuated on channel 10 news just now. Huh? That fire is over 100 miles away, that can't be right. I couldn't find anything on the news about THAT, Heber was already burned out, so to speak, some 9 years ago. A lot of land was burned and there isn't enough fuel for a fire to rage through there, I don't think anyway, as it is in the woods.

So, alerted for a moment, standing down. Now, there might be a problem with smoke and breathing problems, who knows, I read online the smoke is being seen as far north as Iowa! Rest assured if there was some sort of evacuation called for Heber, I would be up there in a hurry to get my boy.

In other news, I was just asked by a tenant that is moving out for a $245 loan.…

Monday 6/6/2011


JD shows up early last night.
What's up? I ask him, you're hear early.
Well I wanted to ask you about that note you left the other day.

The note was to the kid tenant: stop telling people to get off of the computer, thank you. He will tell people flat out to get off the thing because "I need to use it".

Not in MY house that kind of s*** isn't going to happen. Well, I started explaining it and then the kid tenant (he's like 23 years old, I think) comes out and interjects himself into the conversation. He got instantly into "in your face" mode and I was having none of it. I got right back in his face and then he left the F bomb drop.

I was all over that. Hey dude, let me offer this proposal to you: STAY THE **** OFF OF MY COMPUTER. I got flaming mad at the point he let the f bomb drop and yes, I raised my voice considerably. No need to go into all of it. He lost, I won. He backed down, still tried to argue, I just said the same thing: my way …