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I'm home for the weekend.
Sitting here minding my own business.
The doorbell rings.
I have no idea.
I mean, I am not expecting anyone, but tenants
might be.
Or maybe the neighbors called the police again, even
though there haven't been any interactions since the last time
the police were called some weeks ago.

It's Anthony's cousin and a friend. Now, I KNOW by
now that kid knows what's going on and that they don't
live here anymore. What does he want? I know this kid
well, he turned 18 not long ago, he was brought up in
hellish conditions and yes, he is definitely a product
of his upbringing. Drugs, pot, theft. That's his life.

I have some sympathy for the kid because his mother
didn't do anything to raise him right. She is a thief
and is currently in jail. She is also a meth user, again,
the kid hasn't really been brought up in an atmosphere that
would nuture a life with morals, ethics and respect for
fellow man.

This conversation didn…

Friday 6/10/2011


Well, the Army Reservist tenant is certainly going through it. She apparently "took" a sandwich from work yesterday - she works at Subway - and they fired her for it. She didn't bother to tell me about it, of course, she told someone else in the house.

When I worked in restaurants, they used to give out a free meal every shift. I am hearing now that many restaurants don't do this anymore? I think she gave most of her money to me for rent - she was a month behind and I had issued her a 5-day pay or quit/eviction notice as I was prepared to take her to court and get her out of my house. Umm, but she should be able to collect unemployment and there's always emergency food stamps in such situations.

I am wondering how long it is going to take her to find another job and more importantly: how long before I see another dime from her. Currently, she is 10 days past due on this month's rent. Will I just up and throw her out? No, but she does have a very viab…

Thursday 6/9/2011


Week is flying by, which is a good thing.

Well look, the biggest news around here is still the fire, actually more than one fire is burning in this state. But the Wallow fire is the biggest news, considering it's enormity and apparently grasping the attention of the nation.

I was surprised to learn that the 747 super tanker was just now scheduled to be brought in. I mean, they don't make 'em bigger than that. I have seen the 747 Evergreen plane parked at the Mesa/Phoenix Gateway airport on numerous occasions.
Take a look at THAT thing spewing out fire retardant! Who'da thought they would ever be able to use an aircraft that large in that capacity? Not me!

Fire officials are still fearing the possibility of any one of a number of small, mountain towns possibly being burned up and several of them have been completely evacuated. This is crazy stuff going on up there - and it just happens that this is defin…