Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm home for the weekend.
Sitting here minding my own business.
The doorbell rings.
I have no idea.
I mean, I am not expecting anyone, but tenants
might be.
Or maybe the neighbors called the police again, even
though there haven't been any interactions since the last time
the police were called some weeks ago.

It's Anthony's cousin and a friend. Now, I KNOW by
now that kid knows what's going on and that they don't
live here anymore. What does he want? I know this kid
well, he turned 18 not long ago, he was brought up in
hellish conditions and yes, he is definitely a product
of his upbringing. Drugs, pot, theft. That's his life.

I have some sympathy for the kid because his mother
didn't do anything to raise him right. She is a thief
and is currently in jail. She is also a meth user, again,
the kid hasn't really been brought up in an atmosphere that
would nuture a life with morals, ethics and respect for
fellow man.

This conversation didn't get beyond my gate, I was not
letting him in. Not even into the back yard.

Remember, I said he is a thief. He has a bag full of stuff.
All kinds of electronics. I knew it was stolen without him
telling me. I wanted none of it. I was nice to him, didn't
try to start getting into his face, it wouldn't have done any
good at all. He needs intervention in a big way and it's going
to happen on it's own.

We talked for a while. I just wasn't going to budge, no, I don't
want anything you have. So, what is this kid doing with his life?
Well, first off, he was as high as a kite. He was obviously stoned
or on drugs. He pulls out a scale. "Selling weed?". I had a scale
when I was young, yes, I sold marijuana when I was a teenager. I don't
talk about it much because I don't particularly think it was the greatest
period of my life and certainly nothing to be proud of.

But that's also why I can have empathy with the kid. I know what he's
going through. I've been there and done all of that. I broke into houses;
I sold drugs and weed; I was living a sordid, even evil lifestyle: I knew
it then and I know it now. I was into destroying people's homes, cars and
physical body. I didn't care and that was that. How I EVER made it through
that and OUT of that into the life I am living now, I will never know. Oh,
wait a minute, I DO know: the intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ. I say
that with all seriousness, that intervention happened 27 years ago and I still
stand by it.

But, having empathy does not equate to encouraging the lifestyle. He'll need
to be at Hell's gates, undoubtedly, before anything can happen. That's where I was
at when I gave it all up and turned to the Lord. After we talked awhile, he asked
if I could give him a ride. Yes, to be honest, I did. Get him out of the neighborhood
and away from my house. He isn't ready for the kind of help I can give him. He isn't there
yet. I don't know where he is at internally/the heart, I just know he isn't there yet.

So, I took him to an intersection that is all of 2 miles away, that is, apparently,
where he is living with yet another cousin. This particular family lines has a LOT
of people in it. I know this from personal experience - 6 years of it.

Something is always going on around here. Always. I'm not about to say that all of it is good, either, with all these tenants and the junk that can occur. I'm just saying that there never seems to be a lack of "excitement", if you can call it that.

Friday 6/10/2011


Well, the Army Reservist tenant is certainly going through it. She apparently "took" a sandwich from work yesterday - she works at Subway - and they fired her for it. She didn't bother to tell me about it, of course, she told someone else in the house.

When I worked in restaurants, they used to give out a free meal every shift. I am hearing now that many restaurants don't do this anymore? I think she gave most of her money to me for rent - she was a month behind and I had issued her a 5-day pay or quit/eviction notice as I was prepared to take her to court and get her out of my house. Umm, but she should be able to collect unemployment and there's always emergency food stamps in such situations.

I am wondering how long it is going to take her to find another job and more importantly: how long before I see another dime from her. Currently, she is 10 days past due on this month's rent. Will I just up and throw her out? No, but she does have a very viable option, one that she should be seriously considering: school. She should just go back to school. She will start receiving almost $1,400 a month from the military for doing such and she NEEDS an education, anyway. The schooling is also paid for by the military, the only expense she has is to go and learn.

Now, if I were in her situation, which I'm not, but if I were, I would drop all ideas of finding another job immediately and just go re-start the schooling up. Then I would go find another part-time job. But that's just me.

On the other tenant front, the "family" is desperately trying to find their own apartment. Bad credit, apparently, is holding them back. Honestly? I can't wait til' they leave. I have heard enough complaints about their levels of cleanliness - or lack thereof - including having sex in the bathroom - that they are prime candidates for the fence action: don't let it hit you in the @$$ on the way out. Nice people, yes, but seriously.

The OTHER tenant - the one I got into it with about computer use the other day - is not speaking to me. I don't wonder if this entire lot of tenants are on their way out now. Which wouldn't bother me in the least, start over fresh and new. But, I am definitely going to have the big room available again, wonder what kind of person I will end up with in there this time?

So, that's that. The reason I am not concerned about any of this is because I have all that tax money sitting in the bank. I don't have to worry about whether I can pay the mortgage or not. Not that I am going to leave those rooms empty, but, I am not going to be robbing Peter to pay Paul type of thing here, either.

Umm, what else? Like, what am I doing this weekend? I dunno, but I have been working out like crazy of lates. I have been sitting on that diet, too, meaning I have been watching the calories closely. Yesterday was a total of 1,200 calories on low fat, low calorie meals. I'm finding it easier to just buy the Weight Watchers frozen meals or similar type to keep track of calories than trying to do it myself. I am only feeding myself now, so no big deal, plus I always find one of those brands of frozen meals on sale, so I am not paying a fortune for them, either.
June 10, 2011 6:05 AM
Anonymous said...
Yesterday, I finally was able to take the semi in to get the AC fixed. It will probably be in the shop until Monday. Meanwhile, we also got a brand new pickup with a rack on it - meaning I can do deliveries in a pickup truck more often than in the semi. We didn't have a rack on the old pickup, it was only a half ton truck and it was pretty worthless for deliveries. Meaning, anyway, that I am not going to have to spend next week in a very hot semi truck. It is going to start getting hot next week, at least according to the weather reports, I was making quite a fuss about getting in. It's the only way to get something like that done - otherwise, they "need" for the use of the truck out weighs the need for the comfort of the driver.

Yes, well I am at an age - or mindset - now that I don't WANT to sit in a hot truck, burning up. I guess my constant prodding about it - whether that is advisable or not I didn't care - finally got the situation taken care of.

The Wallow fire finally is at 5% containment. Considering it has been at 0% containment for all this time, that's at least a foot in the door. When this thing is done and over with, I want to go up there and look at what it looks like now. I have seen it - 50 times at least on camping trips - in the beautiful, pristine state it WAS in, then to see what it looks like after an idiot or idiots left a camp fire burning, unattended.

I will be calling my son tomorrow to see how things are going. But I am guessing the real excitement doesn't start until Sunday or Monday, when actual campers/kids show up. It isn't some regimented thing, it's a fun camp with all kinds of fun things to do. Which is cool. Caleb hasn't called for a ride back, which I wouldn't give to him anyway, lol, he made a commitment and I would try to talk him into keeping that commitment regardless of how "hard" it may be. I didn't think he would, though.

I remember my first year on the mission field, conditions were pretty bad and I could only think about quitting. The ONLY reason I stayed is because of a thing my dad planted in my head: I suggest you commit to staying there for at least a year. I also suggest that no matter how hard or bad things get - unless beyond reasonable - you stay and tough it out.

Those words have really stuck with me my entire adult life. Usually, you get to the other side of something difficult and you are a better person for having had gone through it. You also feel good that you didn't quit and there is relief - whatever it is - that made the struggle worth it.

Anyway, the final work day of this week is upon me, must be offa here.


Thursday 6/9/2011


Week is flying by, which is a good thing.

Well look, the biggest news around here is still the fire, actually more than one fire is burning in this state. But the Wallow fire is the biggest news, considering it's enormity and apparently grasping the attention of the nation.

I was surprised to learn that the 747 super tanker was just now scheduled to be brought in. I mean, they don't make 'em bigger than that. I have seen the 747 Evergreen plane parked at the Mesa/Phoenix Gateway airport on numerous occasions.
Take a look at THAT thing spewing out fire retardant! Who'da thought they would ever be able to use an aircraft that large in that capacity? Not me!

Fire officials are still fearing the possibility of any one of a number of small, mountain towns possibly being burned up and several of them have been completely evacuated. This is crazy stuff going on up there - and it just happens that this is definitely not the rainy season. If it was, this fire would not be an issue, the forests would be soaked and fire control would be easy.

It makes the point to ban camp fires completely. There are too many idiots going up there that don't give a hootinanny's holler about whether they trash the natural beauty of our forests or not. Go up there and find trash and beer cans laying all over the place. It's not surprising that some moron left a campfire unattended and burning, a BIG no-no, something I learned as a little kid in the cub scouts, much less going on frequent camping trips with my family.

I imagine a push to ban open fires is going to come at this point. It's ridiculous. Go buy a camp stove and cook on that thing, you want to sit around a campfire and sing songs, tough, it only takes a few instances like this to figure out that there are too many know-nothings going up there that don't have a clue.

I mean, really. I learned at a very young age that you smother fires with dirt if you don't have water and you stick around and keep smothering it until you are absolutely sure the fire is out. Not just the fire, the hot coals that feed it from underneath. Smother it or drench it, but get it all the way out.

I used to think everyone knew this, but experience over the last several decades proved otherwise. Coming upon smoldering camp fires with no one around and obviously not coming back. It really ticked me off, though, when I started seeing dozens of beer bottles and cans in otherwise pristine forest laying all over the ground.

Well, whatever. The work day is almost here and I must be offa here.


Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...