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Wallow Fire Updates 6/11/2011

I am simply posting here a link to a site that is keeping folks updated on the Wallow fire, which at present (10:00 pm Arizona time/Mountain time, June 11th) is only 6% contained.
A local, online news agency, it has several daily updates on the fire.

Saturday 6/11/2011

Very unusual for me, I woke up this morning with a bad headache. It lasted much of the day and only now - at 9:00 at night - is it subsiding. No clue.

I was speaking with someone earlier about alcohol and drunks - I have had several of them in my house as tenants as well as numerous encounters - which got me to thinking about my alcohol use. I am not a drunkard or even a habitual user. But I have had my moments, lol.

One of them was when the AC broke down on this house of mine. That AC unit was all of 13 months old and the compressor failed on a - Saturday - yes it was Saturday. It was under warranty. I spent the night in my car with the AC on so I could sleep. The next morning, Sunday, the AC guy came out and said he couldn't fix it, it would have to be Monday. It was 114 degrees outside if I recall correctly.

It was miserable in the house, I ended up going to the store, buying a 12 pack of Bud light, putting it in a cooler and sitting outside, all day long. Yes, I d…

A Few Pics Of Graduation Night