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Friday 6/17/2011

Another announcement of the same nature as of the other day's entry:


The "Monument" fire is burning out of control, the Wallow fire is starting to see some containment - but damage already done, the Horseshoe 2 fire and I believe there are some smaller fires.

The question is, what is this place going to look like after our "pristine" forests are all burnt up?

The next question, at least for me, is: is there any validity to the numerous statements coming from all over the place that the forest is being mismanaged and has been mismanaged for some time now? This relates to various lawsuits filed that basically shut down logging in numerous forests, which, in turn and according to these people, eliminated the work that those loggers did to clear out forests and thin them.

The statements are that that forests are too thick - too many trees and that's what is causing these fires to be able to propogate so quickly.

It will be interesting to see…

Thursday 6/16/2011


I was thinking that I would get off work early today, but the truck routing system doesn't seem to agree with that thought. There is a lot to do in there, certainly enough to keep me busy until I get off at my normal time, maybe longer than that.

Not that I WANT to get off early.

I was just reading about a house that a couple bought that was infested with snakes. Literally. Like hundreds or even thousands of them. As bad as the story was described - them trying to live in the house and not being able to rid it of the infestation - one wonders how they could have missed the snakes to begin with. Even the mortgage they signed said there are "snakes".

I don't get why people don't check things out when they are buying real estate. I have seen it many times over. Plenty of real estate in these parts that is trashed and in need of a lot of repair before anyone could live in any of it.

Which is great if you know about it before you buy it and you get a smoki…