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Comet Is In Doggy Heaven

This was much harder than I thought.
Although not my most favorite dog on earth, I started remembering some of the good times in camping with him and going roller blading with that little dog keeping up a very fast pace.

He didn't offer any resistance. He was ready to go. That made it a little easier, but the memories made it difficult. He just laid there. He hadn't eaten in over a week.

The staff was ever-so-good to us. I took Lynnette since she has been taking care of him. They didn't make us wait, they immediately took us into a room and instead of having to pay at the counter after it was over, they took the payment in the exam room. I was very good with that, by the time you start walking out of that place, there are probably going to be some tears and you probably aren't really going to want to have to deal with it and being in front of other people would be very uncomfortable in that kind of frame of mind.

The vet came in - it was the perfect person…

Time To Put Him Down

I pretty much am not into seeing dogs suffer when they are near the end of life. My little Rat Terrier is at the end of his life. He hasn't eaten in a week and he is definitely going down. I haven't actually been taking care of him in recent times, the lady in the trailer fell in love with that dog and he has been staying with them. She just came in crying and that's enough for me. They have been talking about his health for 2 weeks now, but obviously we are beyond the point of no return.

I have to admit that this is the only small dog I have ever owned and I found out that I am really not a big fan of small dogs. They don't tend to want to listen too much and they are very difficult to train.

This will be probably the only time I have ever had to have a dog put down that it won't really affect me that much. It is definitely affecting them, in the trailer outside.

So, in a little over 2 hours, I am taking him to the vet to get this over with. The unpleasa…

Saturday 6/18/2011

I was checking my Capital One card status - I paid the thing down to zero balance as soon as I got my income tax refund. They are offering me a new card, this one gives cash back for use at gas stations and grocery stores. Well I frequent both and the current card I have with them doesn't give me anything back. My Chevron card gives me some cash back, it's up to a whopping $14, lol.

I have gotten to the point where I can say I am pretty responsible user of credit. If my back's against the wall and I need to use it, I will, otherwise I pretty much don't use it at all. I figured I would elevate this to a new level and see if I can continue with the "responsible" aspect of it by getting the new card with the rewards and using it as often as possible at gas stations and grocery stores and paying the balance immediately. Sorta following in my mother's footsteps, who has several cards she uses every month for the rewards aspect and then pays them to zero …