Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Hard Can This BE?!!!!

So, I tried renewing my Dane's county licenses online. That was yesterday.
The county has them on record as being unaltered, they charge you WAY more in fees for unaltered dogs.
I am not paying that fee because I shouldn't HAVE to by THEIR own rules.

The site gave me the option to remove the unaltered status, and I went through all of that, but in the end? The unaltered fees wouldn't go away.

I had spoken with someone on the phone about this awhile back, just "check the box" and you don't have to pay the higher fee.

So, today, actually I got home just now, I decided to get this over with. I went TO the county east side animal shelter to pay the fees, get the new tags or whatever they do and be done with it. Nothing doing, apparently.

I told the lady at the counter that I wanted to renew their licenses, had tried online but it wouldn't remove the unaltered status on either of them. She asked me if I had proof that they had been altered. No, but, I replied, I had it done through YOUR (the county's) Big Fix program, surely you can look it up through there if nothing else.

No. She asked me for some other paper which I didn't have and don't have anywhere.

She then asked me if they were outside. I gave her a startled look. "You think I'm going to bring my dogs down here to sit in a hot car in 108 degree temperature outside which will get up to around 135 degrees inside the car?!!". This didn't phase her in the slightest. Well, I can't do anything for you then. I then brought up the phone discussion with the person that told me that I simply had to check the box and that was that, no proof, just my word for it.

Well, you can do that through the MAIL, but you can't do it in PERSON. I can't imagine that there would be anything but a look of disbelief on my face. "What POSSIBLE difference can it make whether I say in a letter that I have had them altered or if I show up, IN PERSON, and TELL you to your FACE that they have been altered?"!!!

She shrugged her shoulders again. I then asked to speak to management, as this woman seemingly had the intelligence of a gnat and the personality of a rock. "We don't have any management here", she curtly replied.

So, these people are taking cash, credit card payments and checks in but there is NO management there, ROFL!!! I felt the heat coming on, I was beginning to get angry with the stupid statements this woman was making and I walked out.

Quest not over, no, but for today it is. I just got done writing them an email and we'll see where that goes. I tried calling but it is already closed. I will have that discussion tomorrow and I doubt at this point that it will be a particularly pleasant conversation, but I'll let them decide whether they want to use some common sense here or just continue to act like a bunch of idiots.

Tomorrow is the church special service. I am not sure if I am going or not. It doesn't start until 7:00 pm and my guess is that a service starting at 7 probably ain't getting over at 9, meaning getting home late - for me - and getting to bed late - for me anyway. I will have to cross that bridge tomorrow, if I feel like it, I will go, if not I will (hopefully) show up for round 3 of Sunday services.



Tuesday 6/21/2011

Here comes the heat.

108 today, 113 tomorrow.
Electric usage already going up, it will shoot through the roof after it goes past 110.

Which reminds me, I totally forgot about getting a solar sunscreen setup for that kitchen door.

Too much on the brain, I guess, such as the Willow fire, not to be confused with the Wallow fire. Why they would name 2 fires that are currently burning down Arizona forest at the same time with names that are that close together? No clue, but I am sure it will be cause' for confusion.

The Willow fire is burning up on the Mogollon Rim, which is also where my son is at. However, the fire is 25 miles away from him and let's hope this fire is contained quickly and no evacuations will have to take place. My mom called me yesterday asking if she needed to go get Caleb.

Lol. Let's not panic, shall we? I told her I would look up the fire on the internet and see what's going on and make a determination as to whether to even call the camp or just let it go. At this point, it's let it go material. They already have 7 fire crews working on it with bulldozers and a helicopter.

However, I do believe the forests should simply be shut down, at least in Arizona. So far, all of these fires have been started by humans. Take out the human factor and that's the end of the problem. If people can't be responsible with camp fires, don't even allow camping until the rains come.

My search to find a solar water heater setup has ended. I am not paying 4, 5 or even more thousand dollars for solar water heating, regardless of the savings. I found something else that might be intriguing, though:

"Known as hybrids, they have a conventional electric storage heater paired with a heat pump that extracts heat from the air and uses it to help heat the water."

So, that will be what I look into next.

Umm, time is running out. Lots of interruptions going on here as well. A mad salesman who wants to know, basically, why the world doesn't stop when he speaks and everyone doesn't do as he commands.

Hmmm, I'll have to think about for a fraction of a millisecond. Oh, yes, because I don't worship man and especially don't necessarily even want to listen to a person that is so full of himself, the world wouldn't be the same without him around?!!



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