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How Hard Can This BE?!!!!

So, I tried renewing my Dane's county licenses online. That was yesterday.
The county has them on record as being unaltered, they charge you WAY more in fees for unaltered dogs.
I am not paying that fee because I shouldn't HAVE to by THEIR own rules.

The site gave me the option to remove the unaltered status, and I went through all of that, but in the end? The unaltered fees wouldn't go away.

I had spoken with someone on the phone about this awhile back, just "check the box" and you don't have to pay the higher fee.

So, today, actually I got home just now, I decided to get this over with. I went TO the county east side animal shelter to pay the fees, get the new tags or whatever they do and be done with it. Nothing doing, apparently.

I told the lady at the counter that I wanted to renew their licenses, had tried online but it wouldn't remove the unaltered status on either of them. She asked me if I had proof that they had been altered. No, but, I …

Tuesday 6/21/2011

Here comes the heat.

108 today, 113 tomorrow.
Electric usage already going up, it will shoot through the roof after it goes past 110.

Which reminds me, I totally forgot about getting a solar sunscreen setup for that kitchen door.

Too much on the brain, I guess, such as the Willow fire, not to be confused with the Wallow fire. Why they would name 2 fires that are currently burning down Arizona forest at the same time with names that are that close together? No clue, but I am sure it will be cause' for confusion.

The Willow fire is burning up on the Mogollon Rim, which is also where my son is at. However, the fire is 25 miles away from him and let's hope this fire is contained quickly and no evacuations will have to take place. My mom called me yesterday asking if she needed to go get Caleb.

Lol. Let's not panic, shall we? I told her I would look up the fire on the internet and see what's going on and make a determination as to whether to even call the camp or…