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Wednesday 6/22/2011



I'm sitting at home, minding my own business when the guy with the girlfriend and her daughter living there comes in. The daughter? They took back to Tucson this last weekend. Apparently, the girlfriend stayed as well.

This guy comes up with a different story about this kind of thing every time I see him, literally. I am not a big fan.

He can't get approved for his own apartment. Well, he can, but they are dives. Think: Drug dealers; meth users; punks; thieves; gangs. I could go right now and rent a 2 bedroom apartment for $399.00 per month, electric included.

Lol. If you were to see the place you would understand why I am chuckling. A scene right out of that movie where all of New York is made into a giant prison, can't remember the name of it. I'd rather rent an old, disgusting, beat-up mobile home than live in a place like that. Foregone conclusion you better own a handgun if you want to actually rent there and LIVE there. Emphasis on the word liv…