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Thursday 6/23//2011


I spoke too soon.

Both AC's in the store I work at are out. I unlocked the door, walked in this morning and was very surprised at how warm it still was in here from yesterday. It is at least somewhat cool this morning so I opened up the entire build to try and cool it back down a bit.

Fortunately for me, there is a slew of things in the truck routing system to do today and the AC in the semi definitely works, I will be working out of my cool office that happens to sit both on air and 18 wheels. Air ride seat; air ride cab; air ride tractor and air ride trailer, to more specific about the riding on air bit.

I was reading with interest the aircraft show in Paris. I'm completely neutral about Airbus, I neither like that company nor dislike it, I just root for Boeing because, of course, it's made in the USA and creates a LOT of jobs over here. Apparently Airbus has scored with it new, fuel economical jet that allegedly gives 15% better fuel efficiency than the Boeing…