Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday 6/24/2011


Came back to the shop yesterday to find one AC unit "barely working", as it was described and the other? Out. Fortunately, the one that is working is also the one that cools the area where I am usually at if I am working on the computer. : )

I guess they are going to replace the other one, even though we are moving out in 3 months. Of course, who wants to sit in the hottest 3 months of the year without AC?

Today is inventory day. I have one delivery and that's it. I do not participate in inventory counts because - headquarters says drivers aren't allowed to do it. I have never heard a reasonable explanation of why, I don't really care to be honest. You work all day today and part of Saturday, but you don't get to keep the hours as you give it up the next week.

So the weekend is almost here. Next weekend is 3 days off, looking forward to that one. Dunno about this weekend excepting that I will most probably go to church on Sunday morning.

I'm still looking for a handgun, more specifically, some version of a 9mm. They're effective enough and the price tags are better. There are numerous online auctions, but I am looking at a pawn shop's auctions that is just down the road from me. They don't sell their guns in their store, they only sell them online.

Hmm, well I was going to get into something but my time is almost up. It can wait.



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