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Wednesday 6/29/2011


Some pretty strange stuff going on out there.

Uhh, but that's pretty normal in this world.

Anyway, the contest at work starts next month on the 11th. It is a body fat contest: which team can shed the most fat, basically.

I'm definitely joining that one. I am down to low 190 pound range. It is taking a while to get there. You know, the "Last Ten Pounds" syndrome? Not a syndrome, but that's what I'm calling it anyway. Takes forever and a lot of perseverence to get it off.

I walked in the house after getting off of work - late, btw - yesterday and saw it. The entire contents of all of those cupboards laying out everywhere.

This was for the roach cleanout, as the pest control company calls it. It's a bit pricey at $150, but they come twice and it has a lifetime guarantee. That's what the dude told me yesterday: lifetime guarantee. I'm not going to turn that guarantee down, but I think that a bit much if you are serious about staying in b…

Tuesday 6/28/2011


So, this is what happens when we leave a REAL threat unchallenged: Iran and it's braggadocious that they can hit US bases in the region with their missiles. The "leadership" in that country needs to be brought down. Here is a real case, at least IMO, where we should have done something LONG ago, when we first found out about their nuclear intentions.

My manager calls me at 9:00 pm last night. I was just about to shut the lights off in my bedroom and go to sleep. Seems that a certain salesman - who is self-exalted and sitting on his man-made throne - called him bitching at him about the "fact" that a set of bolts was not delivered today to a jobsite that I took the delivery to. In other words, he was blaming both of us for messing up a delivery.

I remembered that order and did not remember any 16 inch bolt sets on it. But I wasn't sure. I wasn't exactly sitting around doing nothing yesterday, I got off work late because of the extreme workload …