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Learn From Experience: Plastic Pipe, Time Wasted and Gifts

New truck drivers and some intermediate drivers and even many old-timers simply never learn. Impatience gets you NOWHERE in this particular line of work.

I got back to the shop at 2:00 pm. I wanted to go home. Why? Because it is 1/2 hour past my "normal" time off and that's the only reason. No, not really, I was tired and wanted to go home. I stayed up too late last night with church plus my "normal" awakening in the middle of the night which netted maybe in 5 hours of sleep. I have gotten used to it, but some days it's hard to deal with.

It doesn't happen every day like that, thank God, but it happens often enough.

Now, my information was to pick up a load of C-900, PVC water pipe at the manufacturer's yard in west Phoenix. I got there, talked to the people at will call - they know me by name and we struck it off long ago, never had a problem with them - got my paperwork. Another truck driver wanted to talk. Well, as long as it isn'…

Thursday 6/30/2011


Yes, I went to church last night. It went on a bit long, too. I didn't leave, though, I stayed until it ended at 9:00pm and didn't waste any time getting out of there, getting home and getting to bed.

I got a bit of a surprise yesterday as I was about to leave work. No, the ops manager did not show up to hand me a pink slip. My manager handed me a white piece of paper and said here.

Okaaaaaay. I open it up and read a one-liner. I says I am receiving a $.55 per hour raise. Uhh, that's not bad, really. In fact, I was surprised I got any kind of raise after all the commotion was started when I was pulled over twice in December for vehicle inspections and given fully 4 warnings: 2 per inspection. Seriously, that information came down from the near the top and went through every level of management until it got to my manager.

Okay, warnings for commercial drivers carry more weight after the initiation of "CSA2010". Some people say they have the same…