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Friday 7/1/2011


I have read more forecasts about what the temp is going to be tomorrow that contradict each other - but - in the end? It's just going to be plain hot. The predicted high temp forecasts range from 114 to 120.

There IS one odd thing going on this summer. On the days when we've hit 115/116, the electric usage wasn't as much as I would have expected, considering previous years. I know the cost of electricity hasn't gone DOWN - at ALL.

Therefore, the only logical conclusion is tenants. Whoever was doing whatever in their room, using whatever electrical powered device. Slightly maddening. Yesterday, it got up to 114, but only used $11 worth of electricity. That would have cost more like $15 or 16 during 2 previous years. How do I deal with people using too much electricity when I don't even know what they are doing?

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