Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday 7/2/2011

9 hours of overtime this week. Yesterday, to keep from getting OT, I would have had to stay home, actually, as I was already 30 minutes over. Instead, I got caught up with a delivery that took almost 3 hours at an Intel plant. After getting done with that, I went back to the yard to find out that a delivery to one of the mines up in the mountains was still on! I reminded my manager how far over I was, he didn't care. Which is fine by me, but he will have to explain it to the Ops manager and maybe even with the General Manager, who explicitly informed me to "watch your hours" some time ago.

I'll take the money and be happy, is all I can say about it, and hope for more!

I'm guessing the news might have a few blips about the heat over here on a nationwide level. Just because of the extreme temps that we have had and now, today, the expect high of anywhere up to 120 degrees. I can only say that my central AC system is working quite well and keeps the house as cool as I want it, which is about 78 degrees. Here's when you know it's going to be hot: the LOW tonight will be 87 degrees, lol.

Gun shop just down the road from me, I am going there in a bit after they open. They are claiming to have some great deals available today (4th of July weekend, people get out of Dodge in these parts instead of staying at home like I do, thusly, I doubt their store is going to be loaded with customers). I want either a 9mm, .40 or .45 caliber handgun - or - a 12 gauge shotgun of some sort and possibly get a .380 - smaller gun that can be hidden easier - if I ever decided to do the concealed carry route. But, mostly, I just want some home protection. I do believe Federal law prohibits commercial drivers from having any kind of firearm in their possession on in their vehicle.


I checked a bunch of places online, but the one I had intention of going to had numerous good reviews, especially about the knowledge of the associates working there and the best prices. I went. Torn between a handgun or a shotgun, I asked the store guy's opinion. His instantaneous response to "what is the best home protection" was a 12 gauge shotgun. Cheaper than handguns, even a brand new one was only $207 with tax. Yes, I brought it home. Background check cleared instantly. Next up: educate myself on the rules of when you can use lethal force - and when you cannot. If a guy comes barging into my house with a gun drawn, that's pretty obvious.

I know, I have several readers that hate guns. My parents did too, when I was a kid. They wouldn't allow us to even have a BB gun, much less a real shotgun or rifle. My mother did an about face when she started living in Sun City - 55 plus retirement community - and found out how many predators of the aged there are out there. She now owns 3 handguns and I think there is also a shotgun around somewhere. Someone knocks at her door with ill intent, well, won't open the door for them, anyway, but if somehow they got in, well, what they don't see is the handgun in her - hand - loaded and ready to fire. And yes, she goes to the shooting range a couple of times a year. I fully intend on getting a small handgun as well.

I hope I never have to use the thing, at least for self defense purposes. Taking it out somewhere where it's legal to shoot and doing some practice is another situation entirely. Not that you need much practice with a shotgun: aim in the general direction and likely you are going to hit the intended target.

It's 11:00 am and it's already 108 out there, gag.

I have not heard anything from Caleb since a week ago. Allegedly, at least a portion of Saturday is free time for the counselors. So I am hoping he will visit his FB page and make an entry and perhaps send me even a short email. Hey, I used to talk to my parents even when I was on the mission field!

Well, this day is done. Not that much, but enough, it's almost 6:00 pm and I started this entry at somewhere around 7:30 am. I have been fooling with the ponds; had one of the trailer tenants in that couldn't take the heat (95 in that trailer with a swamp cooler); tried to get the oil changed on my car (neighborhood kid, sometimes hard to find); fooled with the new shotgun (no, I did not accidentally discharge it); had the dogs following me in and out, even though I didn't really want them to (large dogs, too hot for them outside); responded to several emails and other minutia.



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