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Saturday 7/2/2011

9 hours of overtime this week. Yesterday, to keep from getting OT, I would have had to stay home, actually, as I was already 30 minutes over. Instead, I got caught up with a delivery that took almost 3 hours at an Intel plant. After getting done with that, I went back to the yard to find out that a delivery to one of the mines up in the mountains was still on! I reminded my manager how far over I was, he didn't care. Which is fine by me, but he will have to explain it to the Ops manager and maybe even with the General Manager, who explicitly informed me to "watch your hours" some time ago.

I'll take the money and be happy, is all I can say about it, and hope for more!

I'm guessing the news might have a few blips about the heat over here on a nationwide level. Just because of the extreme temps that we have had and now, today, the expect high of anywhere up to 120 degrees. I can only say that my central AC system is working quite well and keeps the house…