Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday: Independence Day July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July to all the Stateside folks who call the good ole' USA their home and are patriotic. If you are patriotic to some other nation (such as many of the illegals here who claim how much better it is in Mexico than it is to live here), please go to your homeland and stay there, thank you. You can bash the U.S. from THERE, not from our homeland. Bastards.

I have told more than a couple of handfuls of those people where they can go, and it ain't nowhere in the US, I can assure you of that. People that come here, work the jobs, get the money, send it home and then call us a bunch of rich and greedy "white people". As if the entire country only has white people that have any kind of money, or that every person in the U.S. is rich, much less greedy. It aggravates me to no end these people and their disdain of our country and their marked disinterest for integrating into our society. I undoubtedly see a LOT more of this than most other people living in the Phoenix area which is rife with illegals.

Whatever. I am having grilled steak, coleslaw, some kind of vegetable and potatoes in celebration today, screw the diet (for one day, anyway). Actually, when the work contest starts, I am going to go gung-ho on working out and limiting my eating. Not necessarily to win the contest, just to have that kind of motivation to get me going on the last 10 or so pounds that need to be shed, while at the same time, building muscle.

No, changing the subject completely, I am not going to wait in a line to leave a store. When you go into Fry's Electronics and buy something, you know that they are going to attempt to stop you on the way out and put a yellow permanent marker slash on your ticket. It is not a membership club, therefore they do not have the right to detain you if you do not want to be detained, you can simply walk on out the door. They will yell after you, I am waiting for the day when I am "chased" out of the store. My issue is the line that forms to get out of the blooming place. I waited in line to PAY for my merchandise, I am NOT going to wait to get out of there.

So it was today. I walked right on by the line and right out the door and yes, with at least one person yelling "sir, we need to check your receipt". I didn't even look back, I had the receipt clearly visible in my hand and I kept right on walking. It's bad enough that you go into a place and see all of these people at the cashiers pulling out their wallets and purses WELL after the cashier has already rung up the purchases. Did these people forget that they have to pay for the items? NO. Yet, today, here is a guy in a conversation with the attendant who is supposed to be checking receipts. Again, I couldn't care less, I am leaving and that is that.

I did have security rush out of a Walmart store once when I refused to allow the people at the door to see my receipt. This practice apparently has been abandoned by Walmart because all of them I have been in recently DO have people at the exit door but do NOT sit there and try to demand to see my ticket. ALL Walmarts have security looking through multiple cameras all over those stores, let them catch the shoplifters that way, leave ME alone. I turned to the security people and informed them that if they did not leave me alone, I would be calling the police. That was enough for them to turn around and walk away. No threats, no attempt to detain me, they simply do not have the right. Doesn't mean I hate Walmart - though I have had SUBSTANTIAL problems there over the years with customer service "associates", I like the prices, but that isn't enough to make me want to shop there exclusively.

I heard from Caleb (my son) today. He has today off, or at least a part of it, apparently. He said he was totally exhausted from the previous week and had crashed out yesterday, using his free time to sleep. He IS a sound sleeper - that kid can sleep through the noise of bombs going off, I do believe. He said today he was going to spend a few hours off, alone, listening to his music. He also stated they are about half way over for the season. Makes sense, he said they would be going through the first week of August. I didn't hear a single complaint from him about his experience so far up there, though, that's a good thing.

2 tenants are facing eviction. 1 hasn't shown up in at least 8 days and is now 3 days past due on his rent. He called on the 30th and said he would be coming back on the 1st, but that never materialized. I am not going to call him, I posted a Quit or Pay 5-Day Notice on his door on the 2cd and that's that. If he does not "materialize" by the 7th, I am posting a Notice of Abandonment on his door instead of going to court. That will simply make it much cheaper - and must faster - to legally remove his stuff from that room and get it re-rented. Yes, it's another 5 day waiting period, but to evict a person from your house takes about 25 days and costs around $200. Abandonment is free excepting putting his belongings in storage. The fact of the matter is, though, even with an eviction, if a renter does not appear, I STILL legally have to put the person's belongings in storage for a minimum of 30 days before I can get rid of it.

If the renter shows up out of the blue wanting his stuff, he has to pay whatever it cost me to store the stuff upfront. That includes renting the truck: if I pay helpers and the storage cost itself. I can imagine a scenario like that getting pretty ugly, but the days of me waiting for people to pay rent are over. I refuse to continue to be shafted by people who lose their ability - or desire - to pay rent and then put you off for weeks, leaving and not paying anything.

Changing the subject, again. Well not. I wrote that and got caught up in an article.
The 3 day weekend is almost over, I don't feel as if it's been 3 days but that's how it goes and I ............... am going to ask for a week off in August. If I stay home and do nothing, so beit.



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