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Fry's Food Stores - Baseline and 48th Street Tempe, AZ

I was in there today. I have BEEN in that store hundreds of times - a conservative estimate to say the least.
I have written a dozen entries in this blog - at least - about their piss-poor customer service which relate mostly to some serious attitudinal problems and/or negation of duties in not performing functions that are a fundamental part of showing customers that you care. More like: you could care less whether the customer is happy or not and while you're at it, thumb it in your face. THIS is the kind of service I have come to expect at Fry's, at least the on at the location listed in the title to the entry.

So, I think it only fair - if only once, lol - to give a few kudos on a day when I go in there and get some great treatment. First off is the lady that was standing at the entrance. She is an older gal, guessing in her 60's - maybe 50's (I freely admit I am not the greatest judge of age). She has been working there since I started going to that store, w…

Wednesday 7/6/2011


Well I didn't expect that dust storm last night to make national news, but some of the pics they have of it are totally awesome! One pic makes it look more like giant waves of water crashing down on the city more than making it look like a thick, dense dust storm.

I have seen a lot of dust storms in Phoenix, they used to be far more prevalent in the 70's, but I don't ever recall one as thick as that one. Everything on my property is covered with an almost sooty type of dust. Windows are filthy, cars are covered with such a thick layer of it you'd think they'd been hit by volcanic ash, not dust from a storm. Quite the cleanup today after I get home, I am sure.

Oh, but wait: after work today I am supposed to go look at the trailer and see if it's anything I want to get involved with.

Bath Salts. Methylenedioxypyrovalerone. Try saying that word 3 times fast without goofing up! "Designer Drugs". This stuff pops out of the woodwork. It's ju…