Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Is Not Friday Morning, But This Post Will Have To Suffice

That's because my manager called me a couple of hours ago and told me that there is an order that needs to go out to the Intel plant. Yes? It needs to be THERE at 5:30 am. I see. He wasn't sure what was on the order because the order wasn't made up yet but wanted to ask me first if I would do it.

We don't get liked in companies if we don't go out of the way when asked to do the things that need to be done when they need to be done. I would scoff at the idea of the main branch taking an order that we should be doing because I didn't want to get up early. PLEEEEEAAAAAASE. Besides the fact that I have no problem doing it, the talk behind my back would be endless.

I actually LIKE going out of my way to show that I am capable and willing to do whatever needs to be done, even if it means getting up at 3:30AM to go to work and get the job done. Who CARES about the time of day? I can always sleep in on Saturday morning, take a nap after work tomorrow, whatever.

Of course, the hour of departure for work and arrival at work precludes and idea of writing a journal entry tomorrow morning AT work, before I sign in, so, I felt to write an entry now.

So, after work I went and took a look at trailer. In appearance, marginally better looking then the thing outside my house - but it wouldn't take much to make it look much better. I was interested in the claim that the electricity works, water lines are tight and the propane lines are good. None of which held true, though probably wouldn't take much to fix all of it. However, I left it at: fix all of this and then I will be interested.

I get home to hear the latest news: the Army reservist lost her job, I already knew that, but now she lost her truck. 2 individuals here saw the repo truck show up and tow the pickup off. I stated before they told me that I bet it took less than 30 seconds. Yup, there and gone. This doesn't bode well for her. Phoenix is a massive, sprawling place. The BEST way to get around is in your own vehicle, the public transit system takes FOREVER to get ANYWHERE. I hate to do it, but she has options so I don't hate it that much. She needs to leave. She is behind in her rent - 3 weeks to be exact, and though she has dug out of it before, I see no indication that that is going to be the case now.

So, here we are. All kinds of different things going on, including still dealing with the aftermath of what I now consider to be the worst dust storm that has ever occurred in the Phoenix area. Leaves of plants covered in it. I started spraying them off today, no rain here, just sunshine, heat and some humidity.

Which reminds me, enough time left of daylight, I need to get out there and get some of it done.



Thursday July 7, 2011


Not much time here - I got engrossed in a myriad of different stories in the online news ranging from bears mauling and killing people to the White House asking Texas to stop the planned execution of a Mexican national. Well that "guy" raped and killed a teenaged girl.

If we give the idea to foreignors that they can come over here and do whatever they want and just be able to get away with it? Dunno, the Supreme Court has been asked to stop the execution.

I dunno, I don't go around killing people, do you? The thought of taking another person's life never even crosses my mind on any given day. I can only see a few, limited scenarios where I would be willing to do whatever it takes to save my or someone else's life by killing someone else. Certainly a scenario I hope to never have to face. But, you rape a teenaged girl and I guess to get rid of a witness, you kill her?

Anyway, I did end up going to church last night and I was not sorry I went. It was a much different atmosphere - if nothing else inside of my mind - and I was getting something out of the guest speaker's words. It went on until 9:00pm, the only drawback of it. Getting home is only a 5 minute or so drive, so that's not an issue, just being out that late on a work night tends to drag me down a bit the next day, and yes, I am feeling it this morning. Make it through the day and go home and take a nice nap.

At least the speaker had the mind to not do any kind of "ministry" as that could go on for a long time. He said he was saving that for the Sunday service when he will also be at the church as a guest speaker.

Anyway, there are a few things to do in the truck routing menu and right now? It's time to go to work.



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