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I have opted for the week of the 8th of August to take the entire week off, of course, that is, if it's approved. I haven't really had any vacation requests turned down, sometimes I have to change the dates.

Where to go? I dunno that I am going to GO......ANYWHERE. The thought of simply booking a flight to the other side of the country and the coming back here - for no more reason than to get the airplane trip out of it - has gained traction.

I absolutely LOVE flying and I haven't been on an airplane since my flight back from the state of Washington in - 2006 I believe it was - when I drove a truck up there for the company I was working for. I could be living in Seattle right now, making $33 per hour to drive a belly dump and getting lots of OT on top of it. The distinct reason that I would NEVER want to live in Seattle is the open faucet that is set in the sky. It RAINS and RAINS and RAINS up there.

The flight back was fabulous. I really mean that. It was dayli…

Friday 8/7/2011

I finally found it. The Barber Shop that has a person that can actually do something with my hair. $16 cut - worth it to look good. Got that done today. Will be looking for that particular person when I go in there from this point forth. I have a very full head of hair and it is VERY thick. It's hard to do anything with. This guy worked his magic on it and it's the best cut, by far, that I have had in years. Not weeks or months, years. I do NOT like to wait at a barber shop, but I will do so if it's the right person.

I don't remember if I put this in yesterday's blog entry, I don't think I did. The Army Reservist had her pickup repossessed. She is, undoubtedly, in a world of hurt. I can't help her. She owes me rent and I won't wait forever for it. I can't help a person that gets fired for stealing at work. Though I understand the temptation to get a bite to eat, especially if you're broke and hungry, I don't take stuff from my…