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Actually, yes there is......... answer to all of this junk with these 2 idiots living down the street. It takes quite a while to explain myself to the police every time they are called and I have to go through the ENTIRE history to get them up to snuff as to why this situation has deteriorated to the point that it has (although, that was more the next door neighbors. Ever since they put up that ugly, galvanized roofing material against their side of the fence, the problem has completely abated. I'll take the ugly roofing material over this s*** that was going on with them any day of the year!).

The obvious answer, the answer that I knew long before they advised me to do so, is to get an Injunction Against Harassment against both of them. I have wanted to do it, but going to court and getting it is time consuming and a real pain. It doesn't take much to convince a judge to give one out because the party that gets it can go to court and attempt to get it knocked down.

Of which, of course, I wou…

The Police

I guess I'll delve into the situation with the police department visiting my house yet again on Thursday.

I was in my house, online and checking things out when Mark came and asked me if I knew what was going on across the street. No. I went out there, the ex-con and the 30-something year old meth user on Shirley's property, going underneath her house for what reason I did not know.

I went inside and got my camera and started videoing them. I was still on my property and yelled over there, asking them what they were doing. They didn't respond, of course, I really didn't expect them to. For a couple of years now, I have been getting harassed by both of them and recently decided - after that idiot threatened one of my tenants telling him he was going to have me killed for catching cats - that I was not going to take any more of either of their BS - at all. I did yell at him down the street: Hey, why don't you come over here and threaten to kill me again?