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The kid tenant comes out a few minutes ago and makes a request. Yesterday, he says, we were in here doing whatever and the conversation got REALLY loud. I just had to work a 12 hour shift and I really need to get my sleep.

Ummm, yeah. Here's the problem: The time reference he was talking about and admitted was the time the "infraction" occurred at 2:30 pm. That's, uhhhhhh, you know, in the afternoon? Further, we were putting everything back away that we had gotten out for the exterminator's second visit. We had waited quite a while from the time the exterminator left til' the time of putting everything back away because that guy REALLY sprayed the place this time.

I hardly feel constrained, at all, to keep the "excessive" noise levels down in MID AFTERNOOON on any given day. I asked him, "well what do you want me to do, change my entire lifestyle?". Night workers have never really worked out that well here. I'm not TRYING to…