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Tuesday 7/12/2011


Another busy day at work ahead. I may end up with some good hours this week the same as last week and the week before : )

So, I finally HEARD from Caleb (my son)! Not just Facebook or emails, but he called me yesterday. I was REALLY bummed when I saw I had missed a call from him. I tried to call him back to no avail. I left him a message and 30 minutes later, he called again.

The boy has FAR more free time than he has been letting on. I asked, he gave in. There is a good down time between when one batch of campers leave and a new batch of them come in. Like about a day and a half, or even 2 days.

So, I guess the counsellors all take off to Showlow - a town that is not actually that close, I think it's at least 60 miles away. A nice diversion, I guess, they go bowling there and do whatever else. In other words, they have their own family going up there and so they spend their free time together. No problem, just a little communication with family here and there would be nic…