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It was amazingly much easier than I thought it was going to be to request 1098's from both former lending institutions that had my mortgage before they both sold them off. It was a matter of calling them and simply asking, giving a lot of personal information, of course, to identify me but now? 3 business days max and I will have all the 1098's that I need to modify the tax years 2007 - 2010. The modification is necessary to include the house fire carryover which will net me quite a large chunk of change, DEFINITELY worth the effort and even the expense to pay someone or an online thing to make sure it isn't flubbed up and that I get every penny I can out of it. I would like to get this done and turned in before August 3rd, lol.

If you don't know what allegedly will happen on August 3rd, then just read the news, any news, it's all over the place. The U.S. will allegedly default on it's loans and the earth will end, it will just disappear out of sight and…

Wednesday 7/13/2011


So the Army Reservist finally came clean. Yes, she lost her pickup, but she has a friend that might loan her the $1,400 it's going to take to get it out.
She was she was "only" 2-1/2 months behind on her payments. I informed her that after 30 days, you better start thinking about them coming and getting it cause' they don't wait forever to get their money before the repo man shows up. She handed me the rest of the rent for last month and partially into this month and then dropped the bomb that I knew was coming anyway:

"I am probably going to move back to Alabama". This will be a never-ending story as long as I am renting rooms. I hope the carpet in there isn't trashed so I don't have to go replacing carpet.

Rey has his girlfriend back - they have broken up at least 3 times since he has moved into my house. Clue: breaking up the first time would have been enough for me, twice definitely the end. Forecast: it will happen a 4th time. En…