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Shell Shock/Sergeant - Phoenix Police Department

I took my newer car in today to have the window tracks repaired.
I had no idea that you don't repair them anymore, you have to replace the whole track, including the motor that is built onto the track.

It isn't that I wouldn't have had the work done if I had known that, it's just that I would have just had the driver's side done and not both sides.

I can tell you right now when I walked into that shop this afternoon and they told me they had to replace the entire tracks, motors included, I instantly knew this was going to be an expensive repair job. That stuff isn't cheap, at all. I wasn't let down, either, the parts alone were almost $400. With labor I was handed a $640.00 repair bill.

OUCH! Good thing I had that income tax return money in the bank, otherwise? I would be hurtin' for certain right now. Okay, I am not going to regret having the work done. The windows kept falling down while driving the car. I ended up stuffing cardboard bet…

Thursday 7/14/2011


"Epic congestion" and "Carmageddon". It isn't often that you see national headlines out of the closure of a ---- freeway. But, I've been on the 405 many times, I absolutely abhor that freeway. It's in California, Los Angeles to be more specific is the area that they are shutting down a TEN mile stretch of it to tear down a bridge. Just one more reason I am very glad I do NOT live in California!

Umm, anyway. The Resolution Mine in Superior, AZ. I have been there now several times. Superior is a washed up ghost town type of thing. In it's hey-day, it was home to a lot of mine workers that worked the mine that used to be there. Pretty much the mine closed down and most of the people left. Not that it became a complete ghost town, but pretty much had that effect on it.

Of course, the democrats are resisting the land swap needed to make it happen. I have no doubts, whatsoever, that the state and federal government will regulate that mine to the …