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Sunday 7/17/2011

I started an entry a couple of hours ago, didn't have too much written and then the phone rings. It's my ex. A van full of people had come back from the Salvation Army camp where my son is working and she said he had sent some pics, she was going to bring them over to me. Send pics? Personally? I had some weird thoughts about it - who does THAT? You can just email them and if you want them printed, make a disc and take it to Walgreens - or your store of choice that does such.

Instead, something told me to take a shower - so, I jumped in the shower, got on some clean clothes and then waited for her to bring me the pics.

15 minutes later, she calls and says she's outside my house with the pics. Okay. I walk out there, go through the gate, start walking out to the car and, walaaaah!! CALEB jumps out of the car!!! Now, for once, I was SHOCKED!! I didn't believe my eyes. My mind goes into - how is he home? How is he here? I'm that kind of person: instant an…


Yesterday morning, I check my checking account to see if my paycheck had been deposited. "Pending". Someone flubbed up. That check should have been deposited and IN my account, not pending. I didn't want to sign up for direct deposit in the first place but management "recommended" doing it since I was one of only 2 holdouts in the entire group that didn't use it at the time.

And this is the reason I don't like direct deposit. I have very little experience in using it and the little experience that I do have? THIS is what happens! I didn't say anything, I wanted to see if corporate would acknowledge something had happened at the very least. I get back later from all the runs that took all day long to do and find that corporate had air mailed my pay stub.

Whatever. If this is a routine occurrence, I will stopping direct deposit unless my company says I have no choice in it.

I was asked to write up an article for the company's new news…