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Monday 7/18/2011

I had forgotten that today, my manager is going to be off. It always leaves up in the air who, exactly, is going to take his place. I can't run the shop AND make deliveries, hence the need for another body to fill the manager's position. Even if there were no deliveries in the system, you still have to have 2 people here in case something comes up.

Look, this debt ceiling and Obama's posturing aren't fooling me, I doubt it's fooling too many others, either. He is attempting to make it look like the GOP is holding any kind of a deal up, when, in reality, he didn't even want to make ANY kind of adjustments to government spending at all.

He would have rather just gone ahead, pushed for another 2-1/2 trillion debt ceiling increase and not done ANY kind of cutting. Dems weren't even talking about this until conservatives made a stand and forced the issue. Remember, at the same time, the Obama that was an Illinois Senator (of which very few people knew ANY…