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Wake up call today. I had the calipers on my body, I figured I was around 15%, I was actually at 18%. The salesman's computer program generated that I was still within acceptable range for my age, height, weight and fat index. He even congratulated me and said I was in pretty good shape. That compared to my co-workers - most of which are NOT in good shape. I was surprised to find out my manager is at 32% fat. You definitely could not tell that by looking at him.

Anyway, I am hardly satisfied. I would be happy around 12% body fat, maybe 10%. That would take a lot of work and a lot of workouts with weights to get back down to that, but I think I am up for the challenge. Goodbye to red meat, well I don't eat that much of it anyway. I'm at approximately 1,000 calories for the day and I don't expect to eat again. It's only a 4-month contest and so, a person that really wants to win is going to have to go all out.

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Wednesday 7/20/2011


Short one here.
I got into work here and started looking at the truck routing system - full, to say the least and an email telling me I could start early if I wanted to.

I'm not the biggest fan of having surprises thrown on me at 5:30am - ie: skipping my pre-work rituals. I think I'll drink a cup of coffee first, at the least, and then I'll sign in.

Meanwhile, dinner with the pastors last night was good. We talked about the entire world of subjects and as I thought would happen, my past as a missionary and involvement in the church came up. Oh well. Not the end of the world and they were more interested in my well being than attempting to push me into something I am not ready for, so for that, they earn even more of my respect.

I was interested in how they decided to do a church plant here - there are no lack of churches in this area. They have some different ideas than most churches around here, I'll give them that, and pretty good ideas at that.

Church to…