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The Problem With Self-Checkout At Grocery Stores

The issue of to use or not to use self check-outs.

I love the concept, I hate the real-life, rubber-meets-the-road reality of it.

The issue isn't whether the idea is a good one or not, I readily agree that it's great to be able to go and start doing the work yourself versus standing behind Aunt Martha who forgot something and asks the cashier to go get it for her. Really? Yes, really. You have never experienced that? I have on numerous occasions. Or another scenario where Mrs. Martha realizes she got the wrong kind and therefore, everyone needs to wait for 5 minutes while someone is called to bring it up front for her.

I guess cashiers are trained not to tell them no, you'll have to step out of line if you want to do that so that other - paying - customers can get their goods checked, rung up and get them out of the store. I have spoken up on such occasions when a particular, entire party of women wanted the store's personnel to bring them up a half dozen more…

Friday 7/23/2011

I haven't really been feeling that well this week, but I did nothing about it until....yesterday.
By the time I got off of work yesterday, I felt like death on feet. Without getting too graphic, it's usually described as a burning when urinating. But, my whole body felt like I had the flu from hades.

Anyway, I headed straight to urgent care. I am not fooling around with junk like this. They took a urine sample, came back 20 minutes later and told me that I had extremely elevated amounts of proteins and white and red blood cells in it. That all sounds wonderful, what, exactly, does that mean? What it means, the lady told me, is that you have an extremely severe infection. Men usually don't get urinary tract infections, I was further informed, it's likely your prostrate, which takes longer to heal.

Further, she explained, the symptoms you are feeling likely mean that the infection is going "systemic" - apparently meaning spreading throughout my entire…